The 100 “Bitter Harvest” Review (Season 3 Episode 6)

While tonight’s episode of The 100 put as much focus as ever on the very real threat of Pike’s violent xenophobia, the bigger moments were the ones that happened within the calm of Arkadia’s walls. Namely, “Bitter Harvest” proved that though Pike represents an immediate threat to peace between Sky Crew and the other clans, it’s Jaha and Allie that stand as a greater, more insidious force to be reckoned with.

Really, Allie couldn’t have lucked out/chosen a better representative than the former chancellor of the Ark. Jaha is one of the show’s smartest, shrewdest characters, and its worrying how quickly he’s been able to work his way into a position of such power upon his return. Of course, given how miserable these characters’ lives can be, it’s no wonder that so many people are ready to line up and take his magic pill no questions asked. Sure, you may forget your loved ones and start seeing an A.I. in a red dress, but at least the pain is gone.

At the very least, we have a better idea of what exactly Allie is so desperate for now, some sort of upgrade that will likely allow her to exert even more control over the remnants of humanity, if not eradicate them outright. It seems like something the characters should question and worry about more than they do, but all they care about is the relief they’ve been given. Season 1 Raven and Jasper would no doubt have rejected Jaha, but they’ve just been beaten down too much. It’s depressing to see the characters running from their problems, but you can’t say it’s not a natural response.

Of course, feel free to judge Bellamy for as much, as the character seems to be fully committed to life as a Pike loyalist. It continues to sting seeing one of the show’s best characters reduced to a mindless xenophobe, all of his characterization up to this point seemingly thrown out the window. It’s just hard to buy his fall from grace because, unlike Raven and Jasper, his behavior doesn’t feel like a natural progression of his story. Hopefully, the risk that may now be posed to Octavia will be enough to at least have him start questioning Pike more, but as is, we’re dangerously close to the character being beyond any sort of believable redemption.

Meanwhile, Clarke had to live up to her own advice of blood not having blood when Lexa put Carl Emerson, Mount Weather Security Detail’s life in her hands. There wasn’t a lot of new material here, just a reiteration of Clarke’s ongoing struggle to deal with what she did at Mount Weather. Still, it was good to see Clarke take the higher road and not kill Carl, even if it was clear death was exactly what he wanted from her.

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