Legends of Tomorrow “Star City 2046” Review (Season 1 Episode 6)

Legends of Tomorrow delivered its best episode yet tonight, finally delivering an adventure that took good advantage of the show’s time travel conceit. The team’s visit to “Star City 2046” still felt a bit restrained, but the alternate future setting served as the backdrop for the show’s most entertaining hour thanks to a certain emerald archer.

Yes, this episode featured the series’ first big crossover with the other Arrowverse shows by bringing in the man who started it all. Stephen Amell did a great job playing an older, grizzled version of Oliver Queen, playing the character’s long-standing brood with even more of a defeated edge. Beyond that, it was just great to see the character finally sporting his traditional goatee.

Still, while old man Ollie was a major draw, it doesn’t fully excuse the lack of other recognizable faces in what was supposed to be the future Star City. The burned-out nature of the city made it hard to really identify Star City as itself, and the fact that the rest of the Arrow cast was dead left this episode feeling a bit hollow. Admittedly, the reveal that Connor was actually Diggle’s son was a nice moment, but making Grant Wilson the villain instead of his father meant the conflict was lacking. I get that Manu Bennett was likely too busy to reprise his role as Slade, but his presence was missed.

What helped elevate the episode, then, was the strong character interactions. Snart and Rory found their partnership more fractured than ever this week, with Snart clearly more dedicated to stopping Savage than Rory. I will say, I’m still confused as to why Rip would bring Rory along in the first place, especially given how much of a loose cannon he’s been so far. It seems Snart may be feeling that way as well, having to knock Rory out in order to keep him from abandoning the mission for a chaotic alternate future.

Meanwhile, though I’m still baffled by the show’s insistence to always trap half of the team on the Waverider, I did enjoy the lighter tone to the romantic triangle developing between Kendra, Ray, and Jax. It wasn’t the most original material, but it went a long way towards strengthening the bonds between the characters. Ray was right when he said all of their time so far has been spent in battle or under duress, so it was nice seeing them use the relative calm to grow closer, even as Kendra dismissed the notion of dating anyone right now.

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