Survivor “Kindergarten Camp” Review (Season 32 Episode 2)

SURVIVOR Kindergarten Camp

I don’t usually pay much attention to the “Previously on…” scenes that start off every Survivor episodes, but I looked up right when they were showing that freakin’ bug coming out of the ear again! I did not want to see that last week, and that scene was just as full of nope this week. The nope level did not decrease upon second viewing.

Thankfully there were no more bugs crawling out of people’s ears in “Kindergarten Camp”. Instead, there was quite a bit of straight up comedic scenes, which are pretty rare in this game, but on the other end of the spectrum a few people are losing their minds, which does happen pretty often in this game.

I was a roller coaster of emotions when Tai found the season’s first clue to a hidden immunity idol. I started off super annoyed to see a clue sticking straight out of a tree. They aren’t even trying to hide these things anymore! When he read it and said to dig at the foot of that tree, I was annoyed that they were going to give him an idol right then and there, but then it told him he needs to go get a key, which I was very pleased about! I loved the new twist from last season where the idols were hidden in challenges, and I wish they were doing that again, but at least they’re still making an effort to make these things harder to come by. First I was shocked that Tai just decided to clamber up that palm tree, Mulan style, and go for it without the provided tool. Unfortunately that didn’t work out, but I’m not sure how that tool is supposed to help anyway. It looked like that thing was way up there! So are they supposed to climb up while holding the tool, and then awkwardly try to use it while still clutching the trunk? That doesn’t seem very practical or helpful.

After this scene we had two very rare scenes back to back that were basically for the sake of comedy alone. The first one had to do with everyone’s favorite Red Lobster server, Debbie. This lady is a certified kook. She is straight up crazy and seems to have zero self awareness about whether or not people actually care about what she’s saying. Also, do they screen these people whatsoever before admitting them to the “Brains” team? Like…did they bother to actually look up her credentials to see if she actually used to do all of those impressive things she said she did? Maybe she’s just a compulsive liar who also happens to wait tables at Red Lobster.

The second comedy scene was all about Tai and Caleb’s “#StolenKiss” bromance, which is pretty great. Caleb had a similar experience with his stint on Big Brother, where he was living with gay people and other folks from very different backgrounds than his, and he paired well with all of them too. I guess I’m just saying that I’m glad that Caleb’s not being all homophobic and creeped out by Tai’s playful attitude.

The challenge this week was quite an epic one involving the teams schlepping a giant log down a river and out into the ocean. Usually they confine these challenges to a small clearing, or sometimes they use the beach and have everybody run into the ocean, and that’s it. This time they had a long river, which led to a beach, and then it went out into the ocean! This might be the largest footprint of any challenge we’ve seen, at least for a while!

Man, everybody on the Brawns team is a hot mess. Alecia’s marathon attempt at firemaking was impressive but she really is pretty ditzy, Jenny is a world class flip flopper and awkwardly stands up on her chair at tribal, Jason is a jerk, and Scott is blindly loyal to an alliance that has only brought him through one vote. Sherry’s the only one who seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and the poor girl was just looking around her at tribal wondering how she got stuck with these weirdos.

Jenny definitely had a rough go of Survivor. Maybe the bug from last week messed something up in her brain that made her feel like jumping onto her chair and telling her alliance she was thinking of flipping was a good idea. See ya later, Jenny! Thanks to you I’ll be sleeping with ear plugs every time I go camping for the rest of my life!

Random Thoughts:

– I usually hate the forced hashtags that they flash at the bottom, but they were on point tonight with #Meow and #StolenKiss.

– Can we get Tai and Caleb to star in CBS’ next attempt at an Odd Couples remake? What great chemistry they have!

– Jenny trying to get Alecia to say the right thing was hilarious. “What’s the best thing you can do in this game?” “Be Honest?” Oh, sweet, innocent Alecia!