Pretty Little Liars “We’ve All Got Baggage” Review (Season 6 Episode 17)


On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” the plot thickened as Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) returned to town and one of the girls came too close for comfort to unearthing a vital clue- and paid the price- in “We’ve All Got Baggage.”

We began with the girls up to their usual shenanigans, as Emily and Hanna drafted Ali into taking a look-see at Sara’s room after she quickly checked out seemingly out of nowhere- or was it because she knew the girls had been snooping around there? It would certainly seem that way, as, much to their dismay, they found that the massive hole in Sara’s closet had been plastered over, blocking the entrance to the creepy basement below.

Before they can do much else but lament the cover-up, house-keeping comes in and the girls are forced to crowd into the closet and hide, as Hanna has stolen the room key card and none of them are supposed to be there in the first place. When she enters the next room, they’re able to steal away, but as we see, they’re luckier than they know, as it’s actually someone else in disguise.

At first, I thought it was Sara herself in a wig, from the looks of the maid, which it may well still be, but then the person took off a mask they were wearing so it’s hard to say for sure. However, I’m going to say that it was and that Sara was there to clean up the rest of any evidence she might have left behind in her hasty exit.


As to why she left in the first place, I think the girls probably didn’t leave things the way she left them and Sara knew someone was onto her. Also note the fact that when Spencer and Aria were in there, the place was immaculately clean, save the giant hole in the wall- Sara was no slob, despite Hanna’s assessment that “this is what the inside of Sara’s head must look like.”

Ergo, either Sara intentionally left the place a mess to cover her tracks, or, more likely, someone else went into her room and upended it, looking for something and when she saw what they did, she immediately checked out to get away from them. Remember, she was already suspicious someone was watching her, having observed someone doing just that when she was arguing with Ashley in the hallway, but not knowing who it was (Aria being the one in question).

Couple that with signs someone had been in her room after that and it was clearly time to move on. Chances are, as well, that she already found whatever it was she was looking for in the basement, anyway, so her work there was already done. Even if it wasn’t, there was always the “back” entrance outside the building to get in, as we saw Emily and others use in a previous episode.

Moving on to the Hastings intrigue, Caleb corrupted Veronica’s medical files so that the opposition couldn’t use it against her, though that would prove to be unnecessary later on. As Emily continued to freak out about the whereabouts of her eggs, Spencer told her about Melissa’s broken suitcase handle, then addressed it herself when Melissa returned. According to her, she’d tossed the suitcase precisely because of that fact.

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Spencer then finally confronted her mom about her cancer situation, which she freely admitted was true, but that it was in remission so everything was fine. Veronica says that she’d only kept quiet about it at Gil’s insistence, but that she now knows it was wrong and wants to come clean about it before the opposition does it for her, which she does later on in the episode. However, she is curious as to how Spencer found out about it, which comes into play later as well.

Emily goes to register for some classes and runs into the wily reporter Damien (Blake Berris) – one assumes not by accident. He observes that she’s taking a psych class by a certain professor and invites her along to a lecture he’s giving, ostensibly to get a leg up in class, which Emily agrees to, not having a clue who the guy really is.

Ali gets her first message from “Emoji A.”, which reads: “Does the good doctor know why Charlotte ran out of your house (emoji) that night? I do.” Signed with the red devil skull emoji, but of course. Ali freaks out, because, as it turns out, she told Charlotte that she was involved with her doctor the night of her murder and that was why she ran off, ultimately leading to her imminent demise. Naturally, Ali blames herself, but the doctor says if anyone’s to blame, it’s him, for doing it in the first place while Charlotte was still in treatment, which is true.

Meanwhile, Hanna helps Ella pick out a dress for her wedding and with her planning in general, as Byron and Aria eat lunch together and he asks her a decidedly unexpected question: if she’ll get herself ordained and officiate the wedding! If anyone ever predicted that Aria would become an ad-hoc minister, I’ll eat my hat. But yeah, that’s the kind of show this is, I suppose, and why we love it. Like the song says, “Anything Can Happen.”

Interesting side note: Byron tells Aria that Mike won’t be coming, as he still hasn’t forgiven him for cheating on his mother. Is that the real reason? Or is it actually that he’s been moonlighting as a “Teen Wolf”? Yeah, that’s probably it, lol. But points for mentioning him, at least.


Spencer and Caleb talk to Melissa about the suitcase thing, but she flat-out lies to them and Caleb catches her- though he doesn’t say anything until she leaves. I just loved the look that Melissa gave him when he said “Hail to the conqueror” after she took credit for a bump in her mom’s polling numbers.

Torrey DeVitto is so good, and easily my second favorite secondary character after Mona. I wish she could be on the show more- and from the looks of things in this episode, she might well be, as it’s looking like she is involved with at least some aspect of what’s gone down. But more on that later.

Aria finally comes clean to Ezra about having written several chapters- six in all! – while he was gone. Though a bit on the snarky side, he’s essentially not mad, blaming himself for being so out of it as of late. Deep down, he clearly knows she did it to save his bacon, not take advantage of him in his absence. That said, he does want to read it, so Aria gives it to him, with the plan being to perhaps incorporate whatever she wrote into what he did or to tell Aria’s boss that he wants to rewrite some things and simply start over.

Aria later talks to Hanna about the whole Spaleb situation, wondering whether she should skip the wedding itself, as they will be there. Hanna claims she’s okay with it, but it’s clear that, like many viewers, she has her misgivings about it. Then Hanna talks with Emily, who gets a call from Damien to confirm they’re still meeting up and Hanna recognizes him from somewhere but can’t figure out where.

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That gets sidetracked when Emily gets a package. It’s a box of school books, but one of them is actually a book about baby names, with a bookmark inside with a note from “Emoji A.” It says: “You need to start talking before our baby does.” Needless to say, Emily is properly freaked out, not that she wasn’t already.

As Spencer and Caleb snuggle up and watch her mother’s announcement about her ailment, Hanna catches them and they nervously uncouple for the moment. Hanna has heard about the Melissa situation and has some new info on it, which we get in a glorious flashback. It’s Fashion week in London a few years back, and Hanna is in the bathroom, when a teary-eyed Melissa storms in, clearly upset about something.

“Hello, Hanna,” she sneers, upon seeing her, as if she were Seinfeld and Hanna was the nefarious Newman. It seems that Dr. Wren broke up with her, and she was convinced Charlotte was the culprit behind it. She complains about Charlotte’s high-end “condo” institution living and laments how they could possibly give her “phone privileges.”

Someone sent her a nasty text about something negative, and she’s convinced it was Charlotte threatening her. When she ignored it, Melissa thinks that Charlotte- or whoever- instead went to Wren with it, and that was why he’d dumped her out of nowhere. Hanna asks if it was something about Bethany Young- who you’ll recall, Melissa actually buried, thinking it was Ali and that Spencer had been the one to kill her.

Melissa warns Hanna that Charlotte might come after her next, so she better watch out. She then tries to call Charlotte herself, posing as Ali and demanding to speak with her. Hanna freaks out and grabs the phone from her and smashes it against the bathroom wall before she can, and that’s all she wrote for that scene.


Hanna understandably thinks that it could well have been Melissa who went after Charlotte, under the circumstances. Though upset she never mentioned this before now, the two agree to look into it, starting with whether Melissa was the one who called Charlotte the night of her murder from the Two Crows diner. Hanna also finds out who the reporter was that harassed Spencer earlier in the season and texts Emily to warn her about it.

Emily, undeterred, opts to go to dinner with Damien and pump him for information instead. She finds out that Melissa was indeed in town before she claimed to be, and absolutely could have made that phone call and/or killed Charlotte. Emily subsequently heads over to the restaurant to explore the matter further.

Liam runs into Ezra, who assumes he already knows about him and Aria and accidentally spills the beans about it to him, in saying that his book wasn’t about her, if Liam was worried it was, claiming it was actually about the (missing) girl he’d been dating while doing the Habitat for Humanity thing. Liam is stunned and runs off when Aria arrives, none too happy with her for keeping all this secret. Aria, keeping a secret? Who would have thought? This just shows how little he really knows her, obviously.

Hanna meets with Ella for a wedding dress fitting and talks about how romantic it is that she’s ending up with her “first love” again, talking about how some people are destined to be together. Ella interrupts her commentary, which is clearly a thinly-veiled pining for Caleb, and says that, in fact, Byron was hardly her first love, and that she barely even knew what that guy was up to now. Ella says that she knew Byron was the one, but he was not the first.

This, of course, makes Hanna rethink her own line of thinking about whether she and Caleb are destined to be together. Later, she calls Jordan and leaves a message finally proposing a date for their wedding- May 17th. And with that, those hoping for a Haleb reunion had their hopes dashed upon the rocks. (Okay, this being the show it is, it ain’t over till it’s over, but still- not looking good, either.)


Speaking of hopes dashed, those hoping for an Emison ‘ship renewal were also no doubt disappointed when the good doctor proposed to Ali. Of course, we knew from a previous scene that they were destined to be together, but with this episode, we see how it became official. Ali also becomes the second this half-season to directly text her tormentor, asking if it’s Sara. We never get a reply as of yet, though it’s unclear as to whether she sent the text in the first place, as Dr. Rollins (Huw Collins) interrupts her as she’s doing so.

Back at the Hastings’ house, everyone is freaking out because someone leaked to the press that Yvonne once had an abortion in high school, which is a problem as her mother is running on a Pro-Life platform. Her mother’s camp thinks that the leak came from Veronica’s side, which later proves to be true, as the leak is traced back to Spencer’s IP address, though she insists she had nothing to do with it.

Alas, in order to save his beloved, Caleb takes that bullet, claiming that it was actually he who leaked the information, even though he didn’t. He says it was a preemptive strike after he discovered they had Veronica’s medical information, because he didn’t know at the time that she was going to come clean about it.

Naturally, she fires him, and, even worse, tells him to pack his bags and get out, much to Spencer’s chagrin, who knows he’s innocent. He says not to worry, he’ll get to the bottom of things and find out who really did it. Personally, my money’s on Gil, Veronica’s campaign manager. Note also that he was the one who kept harping about Melissa’s suitcase, leading Spencer to it in the first place, which means he could well be working for the other opposition, too, if you know what I mean.

Emily arrives at the Two Crows diner, only to find it seemingly closed and near-deserted. Someone in a truck terrorizes her, nearly running her down and smashing her phone in the process. She scrambles to the roof of the diner and is shocked to find the missing suitcase handle there. She grabs it and goes to leave, but the truck returns and she accidentally drops it, with the truck driver reaching out and grabbing it in her absence. So, the driver now not only has the potential murder weapon, but with Emily’s fingerprints on it, no less. Whoops!


Byron and Ella get remarried, with Aria officiating the ceremony as planned, and giving a lovely speech about her parents in the process, which an arriving Liam hears and is charmed by. They talk and he forgives her for not telling her about Ezra. She admits she might have been writing about him in her chapters for Ezra’s novel, but that she was over it now. (Yeah, right.) They kiss, and all’s well that ends well- for now.

Emily returns, having at least retrieved her broken phone from the scene, and tells Hanna that she thinks that there’s actually two people out there: one who’s looking to find out who killed Charlotte, and another who is actively trying to cover it up- and is willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. I fully agree with this assessment, and stated as much in my previous reviews, so it was nice to have it somewhat confirmed here.

We end with Ali and Dr. Rollins showing up at Aria’s wanting her to marry them as well- right there, right now, in the same location as her parents were married. She’s a bit taken aback, but we already know that’s exactly what happens, as they definitely end up married at some point, though we don’t know if it’s then and there or not. I think it’s safe to say that it does, though, whether we end up seeing it or not.

Finally, we get a scene in one of the baddie’s lairs, as we see a bunch of wigs, including the one we saw the person in question wearing at the Radley in their guise as a maid, as well as the glasses they wore. We also see them researching universal remote controls, of all things- for what reason, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it’s like that movie where the next-door neighbor was able to control their neighbor’s TV from their place, infuriating the neighbor to no end as they were trying to watch a football game!

We also see that, whoever it was, they were in attendance at Aria’s parents’ wedding, as they are eating a piece of wedding cake. I did go back and re-watch the wedding scenes, but I didn’t see anyone who looked out of the ordinary, a la the Postman or Bellhop in previous episodes. I imagine that was by design, though.


So, after last week’s very uneventful episode, this was a definite return-to-form for the show, with lots of scenes echoing the past, i.e. Emily being nearly run down, just as Hanna was at one point; the various taunting stuff sent by “Emoji A.” and, of course, the final button scene at the end with a gloved unknown plotting their next move. There was lots of juicy stuff here, notably the Melissa flashback and really, anything involving Melissa in general.

I will allow that she is almost certainly being set-up by someone else, though, as whenever the show points too hard at someone, it almost inevitably ends up not being the real culprit. Still, I’m not completely ruling out that it wasn’t Melissa in that truck- or that she could well have killed Charlotte. I just don’t think it ultimately will be her. It seems more likely that she’s actively trying to prevent being set-up for it instead, hence the lying and scrambling to cover her butt.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars”? Who do you think the “maid” was? (My money’s still on Sara, and I think that was her at the end, as well, accordingly.) How about the person in the truck? (Going with Melissa on that one.) Is the new tormentor actually crazy enough to use Emily’s eggs to fertilize themselves? Or, if it’s not a woman, someone else?

Do you think that Melissa really killed Charlotte, or is it someone else? Who do you think leaked the info on Yvonne’s abortion to the press? (My money’s on Gil.) What did you think of Aria’s new line of work as a minister? Will Hanna follow through on her wedding to Jordan? Will Caleb be able to clear his name and worm his way back into Veronica’s good graces? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you next week!