The Flash “King Shark” Review (Season 2 Episode 15)

After the big Earth-2 adventure, it would’ve been easy to excuse The Flash for taking a bit of a breather with this week’s episode. Of course, leave it to the Scarlet Speedster to instead deliver an episode that ended with Barry running on water to electrify a giant shark man. So, yeah, “King Shark” was another ridiculously bombastic and entertaining hour of television.

First off, it’s just astounding how this show continues to up its CG game. It was one thing to watch the show slowly introduce Grodd over the course of season one; here, after only a brief appearance last fall, we were right into a full-on CG creation with King Shark, and what a great-looking one it was. The show fully sold that King Shark was really in each scene, and he made for a dangerous, imposing foe for The Flash to take on. Beyond that, the final battle at sea was also great, a high point in a show that regular sets new high points for itself. These sorts of spectacles make it all the more likely that we’ll get a full-on Gorilla City storyline at some point, and that’s amazing to think about.

Even better, we got a visit from some familiar ARGUS faces with King Shark’s return. It’s always fun when the shows of the Arrowverse casually crossover with one another, so it was fun to see Diggle and Lyla on tonight’s episode. Were they necessary characters in the strictest sense? Of course not, but it’s still great to see Diggle freak out over the metahuman side of this universe, as well as just getting to see the lighter side of the character that doesn’t often come out on Arrow.

Meanwhile, the show progressed its ongoing character arcs well tonight. The tension between Barry and Wally came to a bit of a head tonight, leading to a nice father/son moment with Joe for both characters. I also like that the two didn’t really come to terms with one another yet, as there’s still a long way to go before the two will actually consider each other friends or family. That said, it once again feels like Barry could make a lot of progress if he just told Wally he’s The Flash as he’ll inevitably do.

Elsewhere, it continues to be a good time for Danielle Panabaker, with the show giving Caitlin Snows of all realities a lot of strong material. Here, she understandably withdraws emotionally following the death of a second love interest within a year. Of course, this leaves Cisco worried she’s going the way of Killer Frost, making for a lot of tension between the two friends. The two actors bring a lot of emotion to their scenes together, even if Jay’s “death” is less-than-likely. We also finally got a look at Zoom’s face, though the question of who exactly that is beneath the mask remains.

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