Scorpion “Adaptation” Review (Season 2 Episode 17)

Scorpion 4

On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” we saw another horrifying potential use for the drone that most of us probably never thought of- using it as a drug “runner”- in the tense “Adaptation.” Naturally, it was up to the team to figure out a way to stop the massive amount of drugs these things were bringing into our country from Mexico and subsequently trafficking all over the US.

What’s worse, in addition to the deaths caused by the exceptionally pure heroin the drones were carrying, the lead drone was programmed to fire upon anything that got in its way- including innocent bystanders and children who had no idea what was going on. Obviously, that couldn’t stand, but what to do about it?

The gang came up with a sort of pulse gun that was designed to send drones crashing down out of the sky, testing it on Sly’s beloved Birdroni remote-control drone. It worked, but that only solved part of the problem, as, by the time the first drone that fired on people passed, the other drones were out of range of the pulse gun.

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So, Walter has the idea to form a “wall of static” to force the drones into a sort of “canyon” formation so that they were all lined up in such a way as to knock them out of the sky one by one. It works, but one gets through for some reason and the team realized that the particular drone is immune to the pulse gun.

Walter realizes that if they don’t get a hold of that drone, the traffickers could realize that all they have to do to get past their pulse gun is to switch to that particular brand of drone, so they go after it. Unfortunately, the drug-runners already have arrived to pick it up, along with the batch that got by the team the first time. Cabe tries to nab the one drone, but is spotted and fired upon.

Their liaison with the DEA, Agent Sanchez (Jorge-Luis Pallo, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”) comes to the rescue, with Walter managing to scramble to get the drone they need in the process. Then, the traffickers send the drone after them, by which time the pulse gun’s battery has died out, so they have to stop so that Cabe can shoot it out of the air, the old-fashioned way: with a gun.

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He does, but alas, in the process, before he can, Sanchez is shot. Even worse, help is forty-five minutes out, and they’re all sitting ducks to the incoming drug-runners, who aren’t too happy about these recent developments- and the car won’t start, to boot! Sly and Happy take Sanchez to a near-by shed to lay low while Cabe and Walter draw the traffickers in the other direction away from them.

With Toby’s help, who stayed behind with Paige, Sly is able to secure a piece of cactus to use as a sort of sponge to stop the immediate flow of bleeding in Sanchez’ wound. It’s up to Happy to do it, though, as Sly isn’t having it. She does, albeit not without having to throw up soon after, but then it only gets worse as the blood is trapped and needs to be drained out.

Toby is able to guide Happy and Sly through making an ad-hoc tubing and suction combination from a tube and a water bottle, using a bottle of Tequila and a lighter to help. Granted, it was a bit of a heavy coincidence that all of these things just so happened to be in a random shed, but at least the science part seemed to add up to me, so I was willing to let that part of it slide, as it’s usually the science that gives me pause, not the elements used to pull them off. (Okay, maybe it’s a little of both, but I digress…)

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Meanwhile, Walter fashions a bomb out of the stuff they have at hand as well, which takes out some of the guys that come after them, but more are swiftly on the way. They take the former guys’ truck, as the new ones give chase, but neither have any idea where they’re going, and end up having to improvise. Walter downs a tree and puts it in their path, giving them a slight lead, but he drops the gun he used to do it, leaving them down one gun they could have used.

Then, to make matters worse, they take the wrong path and end up in a dead end- a box canyon, not unlike the one they forced the drones into earlier, ironically enough. With no choice, they get out of the truck at gun point, but the guys know that there are more of them and demand Walter and Cabe tell them where they are.

In an amusing turn of events, Sly is able to send in Birdroni to serve as the “leader” for the gun drone, which he sets upon the drug-runners, distracting them long enough for Walter to do his thing and snag one of the trafficker’s guns. Convincing the other to give his up under the circumstances, the day is saved, as the Medevac arrives to spirit Sanchez away and one assumes the DEA arrives to do the same with the bad guys.

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Framing all of this was the continued troubles between Walter and Toby, especially after it was uncovered in therapy that Toby and Happy were officially an item, which Toby subsequently told everyone else, much to Happy’s horror. Making matters worse, it violated the rules that Walter had instilled after he and Paige got a little too close, in that they agreed to no fraternization between team members, as it could endanger the team in the process by being too distracting.

Pointing out that it had nearly killed Toby in a previous mission (“White Out”) when he’d gone after Happy in a snow storm, and had also caused Walter to take undue risks as well, he certainly had a point. At the same time, Toby later pointed out that it was also his calming influence on Happy that had allowed him to talk her through doing something she might not ever have been able to do otherwise- saving the DEA agent.

Both were valid arguments, but Walter was unconvinced, telling Toby and Happy they needed to either break up or one of them had to leave the team. Happy tells Walter when he later asks what their decision is, that they “decided you suck,” which causes Walter to back down somewhat, but he does dock their pay for charging a cotton candy machine (!) to his account. (Apparently, it didn’t stop there, as some jet skis arrive shortly thereafter!)


Of course, both Cabe and Paige vouch for the twosome, but Walter remains unconvinced as we end the episode, though he allows that maybe it will serve as a sort of test run- just like the Birdroni business- to see if such a thing could work, thus possibly paving the way for he and Paige to do the same, though he doesn’t outright say so.

This was a decent enough episode, and for once, barring the dubious availability of the items needed to pull it off, the science added up to me, for whatever that’s worth, not exactly being an expert. I also loved the opening sequence with the therapist (a returning Penn Gillette) and the sock puppets exercise, with the socks made up to look like Walter and Toby. The fact that Toby’s had a little fedora on tickled me to no end, let me tell you, not to mention each of their less-than-flattering depictions of each other.

At the same time, it was smart for the show to address the downside of Toby’s clinginess in regards to Happy, as he had gone so far as to place a tracking device in her phone, which didn’t sit well with the intensely private Happy. Her comparison of Toby to Lennie from “Of Mice and Men” and his subsequent reaction to it was also a highlight, as Toby used it as an excuse to call her his “bunny,” another allusion to the book, which infuriated her even more.

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I don’t want to say the relationship is doomed, certainly, but I do like that the show hasn’t exactly made it easy for them- this is one relationship on the show that has been earned all the way. The question is, can they continue unabated without self-destructing?

Walter is certainly dubious, and given how different and at odds the two are, he’s not wrong to be. It’s no wonder he’s using Toby and Happy as test subjects to determine the likelihood of his doing the same with the similarly-different-from-him Paige. If Happy and Paige implode, then don’t count on Walter following through on his feelings for Paige- and they just might.

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What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Were you also tickled by the Walter and Toby puppets? Are you liking Gillette’s amusingly verbose therapist? (I had to look up “rumpscuttle,” lol.) How do you find Happy and Toby as a couple? Are they doomed to fail? Or will they work it out in the end? If they do, will it pave the way for Walter and Paige? What did you think about the main case? Will you be ducking and covering from drones from here on out- or were you already tempted to? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you next week!