‘Agent Carter’ Season 2: Who is the Future Mr. Peggy Carter?

There are a lot of questions to consider heading into the final three episodes of Agent Carter, not the least of which is wondering how well the narrative of Peggy Carter will conclude. With Hayley Atwell signed for a new pilot next season, it’s seeming more and more likely that this will be the character’s swan song – in a major way, at least – in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now, I’m entirely confident that this season will end on a satisfying note in regards to the Zero Matter/Whitney Frost storyline. On the whole, this season has been an absolute joy, with the creators showing far more confidence and independence in their storytelling this year. On the whole, the television side of the MCU has done a much better job developing its villains, and I’m sure the end of Whitney’s story will make for yet another strong success.

I put that as a preface because, as a strong character, I don’t want it to seem like I’m boiling Peggy down to who she ends up making kissy-face with. However, one of the big mysteries first established in Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the question of who Peggy ended up married to after Steve’s disappearance. It felt like a natural plot thread for this show to pick up on, and it’s done a good job of following up on it so far.

As Jarvis so eloquently put it last week, Peggy has suddenly found herself in no short supply of suitors. At least as far as this show goes, it seems likely that Peggy will either end up with Daniel Sousa or Jason Wilkes, her two main love interests during the course of the series. So, which one seems like the more likely fit? Well, she certainly shares chemistry with both characters, and while she has more history with Sousa, she’s spent a lot more time growing close to Wilkes this season.

Of course, the bigger question is what Wilkes’ ultimate fate will be in regards to this season’s story arc. Wilkes’ own connection to Zero Matter has been causing him countless problems, ones that are likely to be exacerbated now that he’s Whitney Frost’s prisoner. It’s entirely possible that Wilkes’ fate is so intertwined with Whitney’s at this point that her defeat may in some way require his demise.

And we have to wonder if the show will even be able to give a definitive answer. Peggy Carter is a character that’s appeared numerous times across the multiple movies and series of the MCU. That’s not to say her husband’s identity is likely to be revealed in some future project as a major plot point, but there is the possibility that the show will be kept from giving a definitive answer just in case.

Ultimately, of course, this is all just a fun bit of hypothesizing. That larger narrative really is the more enjoyable, entertaining element, and Peggy’s role as an action hero far outweighs the importance of her future husband. Still, it’s worth taking a moment to consider as we head into what is likely the end of Agent Carter’s televised adventuring.