Sleepy Hollow “Kindred Spirits” Review (Season 3, Episode 11)

Sleepy Hollow Kindred Spirits

The British philosopher Bertrand Russell once said that those who have never known the deep intimacy and intense companionship of mutual love have missed the best thing that life has to give. So true. People spend their lives looking for that egg that’s just as cracked as they are in the hopes of developing a lasting bond. A lot of people apply Russell’s quote solely to romantic relationships, and it certainly applies. But if Sleepy Hollow has taught us anything it’s that intimacy, companionship, and love aren’t mutually exclusive to romantic relationships.

The beacon Pandora and The Hidden One sent out called the Kindred back to Sleepy Hollow where he was apparently supposed to be The Hidden One’s right hand man. However, the Kindred had other plans. In the time he’s has been missing, the Kindred started turning human. Or developing human characteristics at least, and the first thing he wanted to do was find himself a woman. Isn’t that the way it always goes? Anyway, after a few false starts, Team Crane finally figured out that the Kindred wasn’t turning evil. He was just lonely and in search of a companion. Conveniently enough, Benjamin Franklin left a bride for the Kindred at the Sleepy Hollow Opera House. There was a little breaking and entering, a little kidnapping, and a little magic then BOOM! Mrs. Kindred was created and she and the Kindred literally strolled off into the moonlight hand in hand. It would’ve been sweet if it weren’t so disturbing.

One of last season’s problems was the fact that the powers that be left so many storylines hanging loose, and The Kindred was a big one. Ichabod and Abbie created The Kindred in an effort to stop Henry and Headless, but after the Kindred did his job, he just kind of walked off into the moonlight and no one ever spoke about him again. That bothered me for a number of reasons but none more than the fact that Ichabod and Abbie unleashed a monster on society and they didn’t seem particularly concerned about it. Granted, the Kindred isn’t inherently evil and, as a matter of fact, he helped out the good guys. However, at the end of the day he wasn’t human and creating him without any thought of how to deal with him later was shortsighted to say the least. So, I’m glad this episode finally addressed what happened to the Kindred. I did have to roll my eyes at the convenience with which he was dispatched though. Benjamin Franklin just HAPPENED to leave a bride for the Kindred in the old opera house? Oookaayyyy. But putting that aside, this episode made of point of showing that the Kindred was becoming human. I would’ve liked to see him answer Pandora and The Hidden One’s call and maybe even work with them for a little while but begin to resist as more of his humanity broke through.

In addition to dispatching the Kindred, this episode also dispatched Ms. Corinth. So long, Zoe. We barely knew ye. For the last six months, Ichabod has been laser focused on finding Abbie and bringing her home. Unfortunately, that means that Zoe kind of got pushed onto a back burner. I can understand her being hurt and disappointed by that. However, it seemed a bit odd that she was so dismissive when Ichabod attempted to tell her why he’s been incommunicado for the last few months. It also didn’t ring true when she showed up at the Archives berating Ichabod for being so inattentive. She knows Ichabod is kooky and scatterbrained. For her to pretend he’s ever been anything else felt disingenuous. Everything that happened with her in this episode was just a means for the show to get rid of Zoe, and that would be ok if it were done better than it was done here. Zoe wanted to break up with Ichabod because his focus is elsewhere? Ok. Fine. Given how Ichabod has been behaving the last few months, that’s a perfectly reasonable thing for Zoe to do. However, it felt like the show wrote her much less understanding and accepting than she’s been the entire time she and Ichabod have been courting. Perhaps that was done to show how hurt she was over Ichabod’s behavior, but it just didn’t feel quite right.

This episode also showed that Abbie is having a hard time re-adjusting since she got back from Limbo. She’s not sleeping, she’s not really eating, and she’s not talking to Ichabod about it. Ichabod has reached out on several ocassions, but for whatever reason, Abbie is trying to shoulder this burden alone. Let me be the first to say, that never works out well. Never. Abbie has people who love her who are willing to help her carry the load, and she needs to let them help. Especially since she’s unconsciously drawing that symbol that was in the temple in Limbo. That can’t be good, and she needs to tell Ichabod so they can figure out what’s going on.

Despite the very cliche elements of this episode, I actually enjoyed it. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic. Even if we are talking about two undeadish creatures. Pandora and The Hidden One are becoming less and less scary and more and more annoying whinerbabies. It also looks like things aren’t working out for Pandora the way she thought they would when she brought hubby back. He’s apparently drained her power and now she wants it back, but hubby isn’t cooperating. Let’s see how long until hubby decides he doesn’t need Pandora at all anymore. Joe and Jenny continue to hash out relationship issues at the most inopportune times. I mean seriously guys. It’s not a good idea to talk about your daddy issues while you and your boyfriend are in the middle of committing a crime. However, I did like how Joe kept gently pushing Jenny to go and talk to her father. Seeing as he had such a tumultous relationship with his father, he can understand on a level that most folks don’t. On a different note, I was not digging the way Reynold’s tried to bully Abbie into coming back to work. She told him she wasn’t ready, and it’s like he didn’t even hear her at all. If Reynolds cared about her the way he claims to, then he should’ve been able to recognize that she’s been through something that she’s still working through. It seems like he’s thinking more about himself and whatever his superiors have told him about their plans for Abbie. Which we still don’t know a whole lot about that, but I’m interested to find out.