The Good Wife “Targets” Review (Season 7 Episode 15)


When you’re seven seasons and 15 episodes into a lawyer TV show, like The Good Wife is as of tonight’s episode “Targets”, you start to run out of undiscovered corners of the legal system to dive into. We’ve already had countless episodes of this show where Alicia is sent to some crazy new venue and told “this is not a court of law!”. It’s happened so many times you might as well put that quote on Good Wife T-shirts!

Tonight Alicia’s been invited to join a panel of military and civilian law experts to see if an American citizen turned ISIS member deserved to be lethally targeted by the government. This was more of just a glorified debate than any type of legal issue, but it was still interesting nonetheless. It reminded me more of the gay marriage and abortion debates that Diane would get into with RD. No real results or repercussions, and it was clear that one person was never going to be convinced by the other, but it’s still interesting hearing smart people discuss important issues like that. It’s a bit of a bummer having this story end with the news that this guy was killed in a drone strike, and that Alicia’s objections didn’t mean anything, but that’s just the way the world works sometimes.

The FBI’s supposed investigation into Peter is still ongoing, which brought along the wonderful recurrence of the splendid Elsbeth Tascioni. This might be the last time we see her on this show, which really is a shame. At least we finally met her ex-husband Mike, played by the veteran actor Will Patton. I almost didn’t recognize him with that giant bald spot and cradling the chihuahua for most of his scenes. The guy usually plays a tough southern fella in most of his roles, so it was definitely a nice change of pace to see him playing such an oddball.

This storyline was funny and entertaining, as you’d expect any storylines with Elsbeth to be, but I’m still not 100% convinced that this investigation is even going to focus on Peter. Nobody has really confirmed that yet, and the fact that the FBI seems to keep asking questions about Alicia, and also is trying to get information from her former body woman and confidant Marissa Gold (not to mention talking to the guy who hired her) makes me think that Alicia might actually be the target here. Or perhaps the episode title is a clue, and that there are multiple “targets” of this investigation. I guess we’ll see.

The paranoia and backstabbing at Lockhart, Agos & Lee was a bore. I’m so over these people (especially David Lee) continually clawing and grasping for power and freaking out that somebody else is going behind their back. At least both Lucca and Jason seem to agree with me. This place is crazy. All these years we’ve just been assuming that this is how top-tier legal firms operate, but having the neutral third parties entering the fray and pointing out how ridiculous it all is is definitely a nice reality check.

As much as I typically enjoy Jeffrey Dean Morgan as an actor, and I do think Jason Crouse has been a fun addition to this final season, I’m starting to get a little weary of his sleepy and laid back demeanor. David Lee even had a funny line about how he has a “cowboy thing” going on. Remember when they told us how this guy once punched out a judge, and it felt like he had this hidden anger boiling under the surface all the time? Now he’s just super chill all the time. At least he and Alicia finally did the deed, but even that was all quiet and reserved! I’m waiting for the guy to lose his cool and see his angry side come out, but so far it’s not happening. It’s possible they’re just waiting for his fiery side to come out later in the season, but we’re kinda runnin’ out of time here!

Only seven episodes left, folks! What are we thinking of the season so far?

Random Thoughts:

– Man, there’s a lot of turnover at the NSA! It’s never the same two guys at those cubicles!

– Still no word on the malpractice suit for Alicia that caused them to go back to LA&L. I had assumed that would be an ongoing storyline for the rest of the season, but I guess not!

– I was hoping that J would have sent his buddy a video of the yelling goat! That was the tradition!