Arrow “Code of Silence” Review (Season 4, Episode 14)

Arrow -- "Code of Silence"

I once heard someone say that for every good reason there is to tell a lie, there’s an even better one to tell the truth. That was pretty much the theme of this week’s Arrow. People sometimes convince themselves that the lie is necessary. Maybe we think the lie will hurt less than the truth. Or that we have no choice except to lie. The thing is, if you can be certain of nothing else in this world, you can always be assured that the truth will always, one way or another, find its way into the light. And when the truth is revealed, it will destroy whatever it was we believed we had to lie to protect.

The show finally decided to address the fact that Damien Darhk knows Captain Lance has been working with Team Arrow. I’m not sure why it was put on the back burner for so long, but oh well. Darhk’s attempt to kill Lance failed, but it did make Lance realize that he had to get away from Donna to keep her safe. Instead of telling Donna the truth from the outset, Lance lied and told her that he’d run up a bunch of gambling debt. Donna immediately saw through the lie, got angry, and broke up with him. Although I think Donna may have overreacted a little bit due to her past experience, I do think she made a valid point when she said that Lance’s refusal to tell her the truth was about him not trusting her. To a certain extent, I suppose she was correct. Lance doesn’t trust that Donna will be able to take care of herself should Darhk send people after her. That’s a valid concern considering how ditzy Donna can be sometimes. However, the primary issue with Lance isn’t a matter of trust. It’s a matter of shame. Lance is still very much ashamed of the fact that he was working for Darhk and HIVE, and then with HIVE being responsible for Felicity’s injury, he didn’t want to have to admit his connect to HIVE to Donna. The fact that he was working for them under duress doesn’t seem to matter. In the end, I was glad that Lance decided to come clean with Donna. He obviously cares about her, and it would be a shame to lose her because he couldn’t bring himself to tell her the truth.

Oliver was also faced with the issue of whether to tell the truth about William. Thea found out about William while doing some research into Oliver’s past for the campaign. She confronted Oliver with what she knew, and he told her everything. As good as it felt for him to get that off his chest, I really wish he would’ve had that conversation with Felicity. I’ve said before how wrong Samantha was for setting that kind of ultimatum. I get that she doesn’t want her son “corrupted” by Oliver’s family, but in case she hasn’t noticed, all of Oliver’s family is dead except for Thea. Also, Oliver has changed since the last time they were together. Anyone who’s in a room with him for more than five minutes should be able to tell that. Moira was wrong for her part in the situation all those years ago, but Samantha was also wrong to essentially make Oliver choose between Felicity and having a relationship with his son. Thea told Oliver what he wanted to hear about why keeping that secret from Felicity is the right thing to do, but it’s not what Oliver needed to hear. Oliver needed to hear that Felicity is Oliver’s partner in every sense of the word. She’s stood by him even when he didn’t deserve her. Oliver needed to hear that he’s trusted Felicity with his life and the lives of those he cares about, so why not about this too? Why not do what Lance did with Donna and explain everything to her? Oliver needed to hear that Samantha doesn’t have the right to dictate how Oliver governs his relationship with Felicity. Perhaps if Oliver weren’t the Green Arrow he would’ve pushed back a little harder against Samantha’s demands, but as it stands, he feels like everyone in his life has a target on their backs. He’s not exactly wrong. Especially when you have wieners like Malcolm Merlyn throwing a temper tantrum and helping your enemies find all your loved ones and putting them in danger. However, whatever perfectly legitimate reasons Oliver has when he finally has to tell Felicity the truth aren’t going to be enough to spare him her wrath.

This episode was ok, but it felt mostly like a set-up for the big reveal about Oliver’s son. There is a lot of dramatic ground to mine there, so I don’t suppose I can fault the show in that regard. Every time Curtis shows up, I love him just a little bit more. His engagement gift to Oliver and Felicity was just perfect, and the fact that he’s spent so much time and effort on it just goes to show what a great guy he is. I really hope we get to spend more time with Curtis because he really is awesome. This episode also showed us that Mrs. Darhk is just as cold and ruthless as her husband. Maybe even more. Although, I must say I chuckled a little bit when her attempt to assassinate Oliver failed so spectacularly. I honestly don’t understand why bad guys always feel the need to be so showy when trying to take out their enemies. Anyways. Darhk now has William and next week it looks like Oliver goes on the rampage trying to get him back. So what did y’all think of this week’s Arrow?