The Originals “Heart-Shaped Box” Review (Season 3 Episode 13)

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On the latest episode of “The Originals,” the Mikaelsons continued their fruitless search for Aurora as the Strix attempted to discover the missing ingredient needed to complete a spell to break the sire line once and for all in “Heart-Shaped Box.” The former didn’t have to wait long, though, as Aurora found them- or rather, Freya- and promptly absconded with her, leaving a wonky limerick hinting as to her whereabouts instructing them to come and get her or else.

Meanwhile, Davina used her newfound standing to get the Strix coven to help her bring Kol back, which Aya did- but only in a temporary sense. Using a candle-like dark magical object in the shape of a hand called, somewhat ironically, the Hand of Glory, Davina was able to do just that, but only for the amount of time it took the candle to burn through and out. Aya says if Davina and he are able to deliver the goods, then she’ll see about resurrecting Kol in a more permanent sense, but we’ll see about all that.

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Klaus, still concerned about Camille’s well-being, in spite of the mess she’d caused, visited Hayley at Jackson’s grave, asking her to look after Cami as a favor to her, not him, as if she kept up the way she was going, things were bound not to end well for her. Knowing it will take her mind off of things, Hayley agrees and goes to seek Cami out, as Klaus rejoins Elijah to address the Freya situation.

Freya is in some obscure location, and wakes up drugged, on the same concoction that Tristan used to give Aurora to keep her in line, and from using magic, as the drugs make it near impossible to focus. She then shoots her with a White Oak wood bullet and puts her in a coffin and buries her somewhere on the property.

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When Klaus arrives, he spots a freshly made burial mound and digs it up- only to find an empty coffin and a written message to “try again.” He looks around, only to see that there’s a multitude of burial mounds all over, any one of which could contain Freya. Elijah finds Aurora first and she holds a gun on him, being sure to let him know exactly what kind of bullets are inside.

Hayley meets with Camille, who is belligerent as ever, and wants nothing to do with a lecture, but Hayley says that’s not why she’s there. In return for helping save her life, Hayley wants to help Cami learn to defend herself. Though dubious at first, Cami takes her up on it, and the two go to the church/gym and spar against each other, with Cami slowly-but-surely learning how to fight in earnest.

Inside one of the coffins, Freya tries her best to concentrate and do magic, and is able to cause blood to rise out of her body and out a hole in the top of the coffin and onto a flower just outside of her grave, which Klaus eventually spots and is able to rescue her because of.

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Elijah, meanwhile, taunts Aurora, trying to goad her into losing her cool so he can attack her. She does, in a sense, but fires on him instead. Luckily for him, Klaus and Freya arrive and she is able to deflect the bullet just in time to save him.

Davina is indeed able to bring Kol back, but Aya comes in to oversee things. Davina tells him if he doesn’t help provide the missing ingredient they need to complete the spell, he’ll be trapped in the afterlife forever, but he says he’ll only help if Aya leaves, which she begrudgingly does.

It’s all an act, though, as Aya has the coven nearby to help eavesdrop on everything Davina and Kol say to one another. Kol doesn’t want to tell Davina, however, as he says she won’t like what’s needed to complete the spell- someone has to die.

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Davina isn’t convinced, and browbeats Kol into telling her that the sacrifice in question has to be from an un-sired heart. At first Davina is confused, then she realizes Kol is talking about Hayley. Aya naturally overhears all of this and immediately sends the coven after Hayley, as Davina scrambles to alert Hayley of the witches’ impending arrival.

Back at the Aurora showdown, she is able to shoot Klaus, but not in the heart, as he tosses a “No Trespassing” sign into her gut! Klaus manages to knock the gun out of Aurora’s hand, but she gets it back almost immediately and shoots Elijah as he arrives to help, this time a lot closer to the heart, which allows her to get out of there before Klaus can retaliate.

Elijah wants Klaus to go after her and finish the job, but Klaus takes the high road and chooses family over revenge and breaks Elijah’s neck in order to incapacitate him long enough to retrieve the bullet, which he does, thus saving Elijah’s life. Of course, in the meantime, Aurora is long gone.

Back at the gym, the witches arrive and immediately attack Hayley and Cami. Cami is able to paralyze one using one of her magical dark objects, while Hayley strangles another. However, two others corner Hayley, and this time she is powerless to stop them. Fortunately, Kol has the bright idea to take Davina down into the underworld long enough for her to help out Hayley, which she does.

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Aya then arrives and she and Hayley fight, but Marcel arrives and stops her, pointing out that if she kills Hayley, it will start an all-out war with the Mikaelsons. He says he knows a way to get around it if she’ll given him a chance. Aya begrudgingly gives him until midnight to deliver or she says she’ll go after Hayley anyway.

Hayley gets an unconscious Cami back home safe and leaves her a note and some high-end beer for her troubles, then informs the rest of the family about what’s happened and the Strix’s intentions. Hayley realizes that, because she and Jackson were married, and thus, technically linked in mind, body and spirit, that his heart will suffice as much as hers would have, so they rush there- only to find it already gone.

Davina revives, Kol waiting to make sure she’s alright. He tells her once again that whatever deal the Strix might make, it’s not worth it and she should just leave it alone. He makes her promise to let him go and move on with her life, but she’s obviously not budging on it, despite his protests that Aya will never keep her end of the bargain, or even if she does, the price Davina will pay won’t be worth it. They go to kiss, but the Hand of Glory burns out and Kol vanishes before they can.

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Back at Strix headquarters, Marcel returns, heart literally in hand to give to Aya- Jackson’s, that is. She’s a bit dubious, but accepts it, making it clear that if it doesn’t work, her threats still hold. Marcel points out that he near-single-handedly avoided a war today, thus keeping them all alive in the process, so she needs to respect him a little more, as their leader.

But he adds, if she crosses him again, he won’t be so forgiving of her going behind his back. Naturally, she almost immediately does precisely that, setting up a meet with Aurora, and making a deal with her to help her take down the Mikaelsons.

Back at the Mikaelsons’ compound, they all vow to band together as well to vanquish all their enemies once and for all. Freya thanks Klaus for coming to her rescue, and he and Elijah point out that family will always come first for them, regardless of the consequences- though Elijah is still a little upset that Klaus didn’t keep his promise to him that Aurora would die that day, no matter what.

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From the looks of next week’s preview, another showdown will go down in the next episode, with Lucien appearing to return to assist as well. (I was wondering what happened to him- you’d think he’d already be helping Aurora, given the torch he still carries for her.) It’s also a crossover episode, to boot, with Stefan (Paul Wesley), of “The Vampire Diaries” somehow featured in the plot as well.

If you follow that show, then you know he’s on the run from the Huntress, so it makes sense that he’d pass through New Orleans along the way, but I’m not sure what purpose he will serve in the ongoing plot as of yet. It was also implied that Caroline (Candice Accola, now Candice King, as per her recent marriage) will also be putting in an appearance at some point, so fans of her pairing with Klaus have that to look forward to as well.

This was a solid enough episode, with some nice twists and turns of events. Granted, it all basically served to postpone the inevitable, but I would have been shocked if they’d killed Aurora off this soon in the season, so I can see why they did things this way.

For a hot minute I did almost think they might kill off Hayley, but that didn’t happen either. Got to save that sort of thing for the final episodes, I guess. Given that they might actually be the final episodes, period, hopefully they will go out with a bang!

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What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Were you surprised they didn’t kill Aurora off, or was that to be expected? Do you think Tristan will be back as well? How do you think Stefan will figure into next week’s plot? Are you looking forward to Caroline being on the show? If you could pick one character to eliminate, who would it be? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you next week!