Pretty Little Liars “Where Somebody Waits for Me” Review (Season 6 Episode 16)


On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” we picked up where we left off as Team Sparia investigated where Sara’s hidey-hole led to, in the somewhat ominously-titled “Where Somebody Waits for Me.” As it turns out, it was a hidden area of the former Radley Sanitarium, where it would appear some dubious practices were going on, leading them to wall off the area.

In addition to a bunch of file cabinets, there was also a device that looked very familiar to the girls, as it was basically the same as the one used to administer electrical charges to the girls in the Dollhouse. Further, there was a secret passageway that led to a door that led out of the facility, which would explain how Sara was able to travel in and out of the hotel sight unseen.

When Spencer returned home, she found that Caleb had cracked the encrypted files on the cloned records of Yvonne’s phone and made some disturbing discoveries. It seems that within the files on the Hastings, there were medical records that showed that Veronica was sick, from the looks of it, with cancer. Caleb theorized that the opposing party might be planning to leak the records to show that Veronica was lying to the public and was actually too sick to serve office.


Later, Mona confirmed as much, admitting that she told Yvonne to leave her phone on purpose, intending to prove to Yvonne that Spencer couldn’t be trusted, but in actuality wanted Spencer to get a hold of the files while providing herself with plausible deniability, because, well, this is Mona we’re talking about, so of course she did.

However, when she realized what the opposition was up to, she felt it was too low for even her tastes and that Spencer should know about it, so she concocted this elaborate plan to get the info to her, without incriminating herself, or Spencer. According to her, Mona never told Yvonne that Spencer had the phone in the first place and that she must have misjudged her- or so she said.

Firmly on Team Spencer, though, was Caleb, who, in the best scene of the episode, cornered Mona in an elevator and threatened her, warning her if she was lying or playing Spencer somehow, he’d take her down. In true Mona style, she didn’t budge an inch, and in what was to me a new revelation, implied that she’d had a past with Caleb! “Who kisses better, Hanna, Spencer or me?” Meow!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but this was new information, right? I mean, since I can remember, Caleb’s always had a chip on his shoulder when it comes to Mona, but I just assumed it was because she tormented the girls as OG “A.”, and in particular, had once tried to run down Hanna in her car. But what if she broke his heart once upon a time and that was the real reason? Whatever the case, I do not recall them ever kissing, so please refresh my memory if you do.

While all this was going on, Emily tried to get to the bottom of what really happened at the clinic, worrying that Sara might have actually been there after all, despite Ali’s claims to the contrary. As it turned out, someone certainly went to lengths to obtain Emily’s eggs, taking out a host of other people’s eggs in the process during a break-in. That was pretty twisted, to be sure, but it also confirmed Emily’s fears that someone, if not Sara, had possession of her eggs, as per the note she received in last week’s episode.

There was also the return of Roma Maffia, as the intrepid Detective Tanner, who let Emily know that she had her eyes on them, and it was awfully funny how murder seemed to follow in all the girls’ wakes. Though she didn’t outright say don’t leave town, she made it pretty clear that she could compel them to stay if she wanted.


We also discovered when she talked to Ali that the murder weapon wasn’t a golf club at all, but a pipe-like object with a rectangular shape on the end, which may well belong to Melissa, who had a similar type object missing from her suitcase. Ha! You see- it always comes back to Melissa eventually. Hey, she’s killed before. Who’s to say she won’t do it again? Is it wrong that I kind of want her to be the one responsible? Okay, so it’s just to sustain my long-held theory that Melissa was involved in most everything that’s gone down, but I digress.

As for Ali herself, she and Dr. Rollins continued to get closer romantically and she said that she didn’t really care who knew it. They kiss, and it seemed like someone was watching at the time. We also discovered that someone called Ali’s house the night of Charlotte’s murder from a place called Two Crows, and that they talked to her for at least three minutes. As it wasn’t Ali or Dr. Rollins, it would seem to be Charlotte herself, which means that whoever called her might have been the one who killed her- or, at the very least, played a part in getting her killed.

Hanna took a brief vacation to a trashy hotel, where she received a special delivery from, one assumes, “Emoji A.” who told her the “Honeymoon was over” in a note, next to a pair of fried eggs and a piece of bacon in the shape of a face, with a fork in one eye and another message reading “Poor Jordie.” Hanna returns to Lucas’ place, where she invites Emily to stay with her in light of what happened to her eggs. Well, both of their eggs, I suppose. This “A.” must have a real fixation on eggs in general- maybe we should start calling him/her “A. over easy.”


Finally, Liam visited Rosewood, where he called Aria out on writing pages for Ezra, which she admitted was true. Then Ezra returned with pages of his own, before Aria could tell him what she did. On the plus side, he finally told her where he was the night of Charlotte’s murder: first, he ran into Byron and Ella, who swore him into secrecy about their being together until they could break it to Aria, after which he headed to get some late-night grub.

This would seem to clear all three for the murder, but I’m not entirely sure about the timeline there. Either way, he apologized for not telling her in the first place and instead letting her and the girls actually think he’d killed Charlotte after all. He was also oddly flattered that Aria would think he’d kill for her. We ended with someone cleaning the electroshock machines in the Radley basement, as if to prepare for future use. That can’t be good, right?

To be honest, this was a bit of a lackluster episode, in which not much happened overall. Yes, it was nice to see Tanner, wreaking havoc on the girls’ lives yet again, and, as ever, Mona walked away with every scene she was in, especially the elevator conversation with Caleb, which for me, made the episode. But yeah, on the whole, it was all kind of meh. Someone needs to stop “whistling while they work” and write some quality pages of their own, if you know what I mean.

Hopefully, we’ll get a little more next week, in the amusingly-titled “We’ve Got All the Baggage,” which marks the return of Melissa, my second favorite character besides Mona of the supporting cast. I love seeing Melissa try and squirm her way out of stuff, so the inevitable confrontation between her and Spencer should be something. Mona herself will also be back, so maybe we’ll get some more info on this Caleb thing. One can only hope.


What did you think of the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars”? Were you also a bit let down? Did you at least get a kick out of Mona? How about Hanna’s pseudo-honeymoon nightmare? What is the new “A.” up to with that ECT device? Or with Emily’s eggs, for that matter? Is Dr. Rollins up to something? Did Melissa kill Charlotte? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you next week!