The Fosters “Under Water” Review (Season 3, Episode 14)

The Fosters  Under Water

Everyone in the Adams-Foster family is a little under water in last night’s episode of The Fosters. No one more so than Stef who is dealing with a lot; not just the pressures of being a cop and a mother of five kids, but also her recent health issues and the ongoing marital strife with wife Lena.

Callie may not be under water in the way that Stef is, but she is battling an oncoming deluge by recently incarcerated AJ, who has refused to include her (or foster dad Mike, for that matter) on his visitor’s list. In fact, she is so desperate to see AJ that she paid a visit to his older brother Ty – who was also arrested at the same time – in order to plea with him to give his consent to AJ to see her. Will Ty “do Callie a solid”? What do you think?

Then there is the whole storyline with new foster kid Jack. He is not only under water at his current foster home where he is getting abused by the older boys in the home and being “plied” with false gifts by the people running the foster home so that he doesn’t tell the truth about what is happening to him in the group home.

As we know after seeing the bruises on Jack’s chest, Callie and Jude brought Justina – Callie’s “Fost and Found” benefactor – into the mix to try to help the abused boy. But we also know the result. How long do you think Jack will last in his new arrangement? I highly doubt it will be for very long.

Jack may have apologized to Callie for pretending to be AJ on the Fost and Found chat room, but – at least to me – he didn’t really explain – why? Why did he feel the need to pretend to be AJ? What does he even know about AJ? And what is his strange fixation with Callie; and for that matter Jude? Is it that he just wants a friend or does he hope that – somehow – he’ll be brought into the family the way Callie and Jude were?

And don’t get me started on Jesus and Nick. First of all, I haven’t liked Nick since the beginning and his fake sincerity with the honor board not to mention the lines he used on Mariana are just so false that I cannot believe she would fall for any of it. It’ just sad really. As for Jesus, I was hoping that the change in actor would bring about a more interesting storyline for the twin, but that has not happened. In fact, the storyline for Jesus has only gotten – shall we say – even more boring. He is nothing more than filler at this point. The only “good” thing – if you can call it that – is that he has gotten us to their birth father. But even that is a sticky situation given that Gabe clearly told Jesus that he “cannot legally be around him” and worse yet that Mariana found out that Gabe was convicted of lascivious acts against a minor. Gross!

What did you think of the episode? What are your thoughts on Mariana and Nick? What do you think will happen to Stef after her surgery? Will she and Lena repair their relationship? What do you think Brandon will do now that he learned his new co-worker Cortney has a 2-year-old son? Please share your thoughts below.

The next episode of the third season of ‘The Fosters’ will air on FreeForm on Monday, February 22 at 8/7c.

Teri Polo as Stef
Sherri Saum as Lena
Maia Mitchell as Callie
David Lambert as Brandon
Cierra Ramirez as Mariana
Noah Centineo as Jesus
Hayden Byerly as Jude
Danny Nucci as Mike Foster

Guest stars:
Annie Potts as Sharon Elkin
Kelli Williams as Justina Marks
Jordan Rodrigues as Mat Tan
Annika Marks as Monte Porter
Chris Warren as Ty Hensdale
Pepi Sonuga as Sally
Brandon Quinn as Gabe Duncroft
Denyse Tontz as Cortney
Tanner Buchanan as Jack Downey
Louis Hunter as Nick
Anna Grace Barlow as Zoey