The Flash “Escape from Earth-2” Review (Season 2 Episode 14)

THE FLASH Escape from Earth-2

Given how outright delightful last week’s episode of The Flash was, it would’ve been hard for this week’s conclusion to reach the same giddy heights. Not surprisingly, “Escape from Earth-2” was definitely a more subdued outing for the show, but it was still an entertaining hour, one that brought this multiverse-hopping two-parter to a satisfying close.

In general, this was a more stationary episode, one built more on intimate character conversations than the bombastic action and big reveals of last week. For the most part, this was a necessary switch, with Cisco and Harry needing to bring in Earth-2 Barry and Iris leading to a rather large info-dump for the characters. Less effective was Barry’s entrapment by Zoom, which left the character twiddling his thumbs for the majority of the hour. It was also frustrating for Barry needing to be reminded of his ability to vibrate through walls; if he’s going to need a pep talk to do it anyway, have him be smart enough to try it on his own at the beginning of the hour.

The biggest bit of information to come out of Barry’s imprisonment, though, was the mysterious masked man in the third cell. Barry and Jesse were able to figure out that he was trying to communicate something about Jay, though Zoom intervened before he was able to say anymore. It was only a couple weeks ago that we learned Jay’s Earth-1 counterpart is named Hunter Zolomon, Zoom’s real name in the comics. With what we learned tonight, it’s seeming more and more likely that Jay isn’t being entirely honest about who he really is. Unfortunately, with Zoom managing to kidnap Jay before the wormhole shut, it seems we won’t be learning more about that particular mystery for a while.

And really, the mystery helps. Teddy Sears has done a decent job as Jay, but the show has yet to give him much to do. He’s been a fairly flat character, not helped by the way he’s constantly left in weak subplots with Caitlin while the other characters are off having more fun. Like last week, Geomancer failed to impress, existing primarily to eat up screen time until the Earth-1 team was needed in the A-story. Hopefully, with the team reunited, the storytelling will feel less disparately split in the future.

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