The Good Wife “Monday” Review (Season 7 Episode 14)


Well, this is it, folks! CBS officially announced – during the Super Bowl broadcast, no less – that this is the last season of The Good Wife. Seven seasons is a good run for a drama series, and I think we’d all agree that the best days of this show are far behind it, but still I’m a little sad to see it go. The last season was a huge step down, but this season has been picking up nicely and I’m actually very glad that they now have a clear direction. They know when they’re ending, and they know to lead up to a satisfying conclusion. Heck, they even already named the final episode “End”! It’s always great when a show knows it’s leading up to a series finale, instead of getting the rug pulled out from under them.

With only eight episodes left, I’m excited to get into “Monday”, which seemed to take us into the final chapter of Alicia’s career on this show. She’s finally returning to the halls of Lockhart, Agos & Lee for the first time in a couple seasons. It’s a little weird, now that we know there’s only a few episodes left, that she’s come full circle like this. I think that most people, including myself, were hoping that she would ride off into the sunset with her own law firm and be a huge success. It’s a bit of a bummer to see her crawling back to her old employers like this, but it doesn’t mean there’s not enough time left in the season for a more satisfying end game to materialize.

Her first case back not only brought her and Lucca awkwardly into the rhythm of a big law firm, but it also brought back a bunch of familiar faces! This was Neil Gross’ first appearance in season seven, and it was good to see him. I’m glad he’s reverted to his original a**hole persona, instead of the weird version of him back in season five where he was being friendly to Alicia and Will’s battling firms. We also got the illustrious return of Mr. Dudewitz, who was just as much fun this episode as he was back in this season’s earlier episode “Driven”, and I hope we get a chance to see him one more time before the series ends. The actual case itself was just OK, as it was clearly a riff on all of those weird reports you hear of iPhone prototypes being found in bars.

The more intriguing case involved the return of another character from an earlier episode in the season. Roland Lhavin showed back up, who Alicia first helped out in bond court back in “Cooked”. We didn’t get a lot of specifics as to what exactly he’s doing, other than the fact that he’s snooping around Marissa’s new job at a juice stand and asking questions about Peter and Alicia. It’s not clear at this point who exactly he’s after or what his angle is, but the fact that everybody is assuming that it’s Peter makes me think that it’s not Peter. It would be way too obvious at this point if he was the target, not to mention the guy has already been investigated and picked apart a gajillion times. My thought is that Alicia might be the target, considering he was asking questions about her, too. However, I can’t imagine what she could possibly be in trouble for. She had a failed campaign for state’s attorney, Peter had a failed campaign for president, so now they’re just a regular lawyer and governor like they used to be. Why do they need to be investigated? Do these two people really require the full resources of the FBI and Justice Department? They better have a really good reason for this once it’s finally revealed. Oh, and can we have more scenes of Marissa being sassy to customers at the juice bar?

I loved the scene between Alicia and Diane, where they both put on their fakest smiles and discussed Alicia and Lucca’s new roles at the firm. They’ve had a few cases against each other since Alicia left the firm, but they were outright enemies then and they could be openly hostile towards each other. Now they’re still being hostile, but they have to hide it behind the mask of professionalism and civility. This leads to some great work by both Margulies and Baranski, who are always such a joy to see working together, and we haven’t seen it enough this season.

So, not even a mention in the whole episode about Alicia being sued by her old client? Wasn’t that the whole reason for their move to the big firm? Well, I guess we still have a few more episodes to go before it’s all over!

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Random Thoughts:

– Why didn’t Diane’s little orientation recap mention Will at all? Just Stern, her, and then it jumps straight to Cary? What gives?!

– This show has really done a great job at sight gags involving furniture in this season. First it was Eli’s tiny office, now it’s Alicia’s tilted chair and the judge’s ant infested desk.

– I’m happy to hear that Nikki James was hired to be in Robert and Michelle King’s next series “BrainDead”, because they seem to be going out of their way to give her nothing to do on this show. Monica has been an absolute zero since her first couple episodes, so I hope they make it up to her in their next collaboration!