The Originals “Dead Angels” Review (Season 3 Episode 12)

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On the latest episode of “The Originals,” Klaus worked overtime to get Camille to return the one weapon that could destroy them- a white horse carved out of White Oak made by him for Rebekah, which is just silly enough to be amusingly ironic- while Elijah confronted Aya about the future of the Strix and Marcel made strides of his own, in terms of leadership, in “Dead Angels.”

We began with Cami going to Vincent for help cloaking her and then setting up a magical boundary against the inevitable incoming assault by Klaus. Vincent warns her that Klaus is hardly the only one who will come looking for the horse once word gets out that she has it, so she better act fast and make a deal sooner than later. She calls Klaus and offers a simple trade: her family’s dark magical objects that he took, in exchange for the horse. He’s not happy, but agrees.

Davina and Aya return to the witches’ enclave seen in the prior episode to find Ariane (Haley Ramm, “Without a Trace”) dead, which Aya has no doubt Elijah did to cover up what she found out when she read his mind. You’d think she’d have known that would happen and found out what Ariane knew the second Elijah left, but I suspect she wanted Ariane to die or simply didn’t care if she did, as she had a contingency plan: to get Davina and the other witches to band together and read Ariane’s mind and find out anyway.

Marcel wasn’t too happy about this development- as in the Strix recruiting Davina without telling him- but Aya says that she has a plan that, if it works, could potentially sever the sire line between them and the Originals, meaning that if they do die in the inevitable upcoming battle as per the prophecy, Aya and Marcel will not, nor will anyone else sired by them. She does not elaborate, as of yet.

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Klaus arrives at the site for his meet with Cami- a cemetery, naturally- but she’s furious when she sees he only brought some of her magical objects to trade. Cami sends him packing, saying that, either he brings them all or no deal. Vincent once again stresses how time is of the essence here, which proves all too true when one of the witches supposedly down with the Strix indeed overhears what’s going on.

Elijah tells Hayley of his past dealings with Aya, and we get some of the show’s patented flashbacks. It seems that the two were once lovers and that Elijah founded the Strix as a way to bring together the best and brightest of the vampire world. However, when papa Mikael showed up and started going on a rampage to find his kids and kill them and everything they loved, Elijah chose to run, in hopes of taking the heat off of them.

Instead, Mikael killed many of the Strix anyway, which is why Aya, who was among those who chose to stay and fight, has such a chip on her shoulder in regards to him. In her eyes, Elijah is a coward who abandoned his chosen family for his real one- something he always does, time and again, which she resents him for to no end. In his absence, Tristan stepped in, rebuilding the Strix from the ground up to what it is today, which Elijah sees as a perversion of what he originally intended.

Back at the witch enclave, the witches are having no luck channeling Ariane, and opt to take a break. While they do so, Davina decides to consecrate Ariane’s body- something Aya and the rest had refuse to do, for some reason. In doing so, she activates Ariane somehow, and instantly she sees exactly what Ariane knew in a flash, including the horse being the weapon they need.

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Elijah walks in on a meeting of the Strix, their original charter in hand, demanding that he be installed as their new leader in Tristan’s absence. He gives a speech about wanting to return them to their former greatness, which Aya counteracts with a claim of her own, invoking the right of Ludum Regale, which states that anyone may challenge a potential leader to a contest to determine who the leader ultimately is.

She opts to challenge him to a duel, much to Elijah’s chagrin, who would have rather had a battle of wits. The deal is, whoever has possession of the charter at midnight will become the new leader. Elijah agrees and they head to a ring to fight it out in hand-to-hand combat. Elijah has a moment in which he easily could have killed Aya and won, but hesitates.

Meanwhile, while their eyes are off the ball, Marcel swoops in and beats both of them at their own game, snatching the charter and going off to the safety of a local friend, knowing full well that neither Aya nor Elijah can gain entrance to their house as vampires without permission from the owner. This, of course, means that without even trying, Marcel will be holding the charter come midnight, which, as per the rules set out, means that he will subsequently become leader of the Strix at midnight. Whoops!

Davina does a spell that allows her to spy on Klaus without his knowledge, soon discovering that he doesn’t even have the horse in question- Cami does, and that she is hiding behind an invisible barrier protected by Vincent’s magical powers at the cemetery. A fellow witch, whose name I don’t believe we ever got, sees Davina in the process of doing this and knows she’s found out something and demands to know what it is.

Originals Davina

The witch tells Davina she doesn’t know what she’d gotten herself into and that the Strix are pure evil, having forced her to do awful things to get what she wants, which was to help her family. She scoffs at Davina having done it for a man- much less a vampire. The witch points out that in doing so, her own family she sought to help now hates her, and all she wants now is to bargain for her freedom and get out of the Strix’s hold, noting that Davina will come to regret it, because there’s always a price for what they ask for. She doesn’t ask for permission and simply grabs Davina and reads her mind, with Davina passing out in the process.

She heads to the cemetery, where she sees Klaus, dark objects in hand for the trade with Cami. She does a spell to silence him, and then breaks his neck. Vincent senses something is awry, and the witch and her cronies descend upon him and Cami, with Vincent telling Cami to run for her life, which she does, while he attempts to hold them off. The main witch leaves Vincent to the others and tracks down Cami, demanding the horse. When she refuses, the witch literally breaks seemingly every bone in Cami’s body, twisting her like a pretzel. Needless to say, she gets the horse.

After a powwow with Aya, who calls him out for not killing her when he had the chance, Elijah assures her he will not afford her that luxury should the opportunity arise again, and gets word of Marcel’s location. He goes there and confronts him, but Marcel taunts him a bit before finally giving the owner word to let him in. Naturally, it’s too late and past midnight, thus making Marcel the official leader of the Strix now.

Marcel comes outside to declare himself as such, giving a rousing speech to that end, but Elijah isn’t having it, and attempts to tear Marcel’s heart out. Marcel points out that if he does, he’ll be violating the charter he claims to hold so dear, and that no one will follow him if he does. Elijah backs off at the last minute, but it’s clear he’s not happy about the situation. Marcel continues his speech, saying they can combat the prophecy together and it’s high time he reclaimed “his” city. Aya vouches for him, and that’s that. Or is it?

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Meanwhile, Klaus and Cami argue while Vincent frantically tries to get a lead on the witch who took the horse. Klaus pointed out that if she had just listened to him and followed his lead, they wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. Davina, in the meantime, discovers that the witch wasn’t working for the Strix after all- it’s even worse: she’s working for Aurora. We see the witch meet with Aurora, asking for her freedom in exchange for the horse. Aurora grants it- by killing her. Davina calls Cami and tells her what’s really happened- that Aurora is now in possession of the one thing that can kill the Originals.

We also find out that Marcel and Elijah have pulled a fast one- the two were in cahoots and all of that before was just an act intended to make the Strix trust Marcel that much further, though Marcel calls Elijah on getting a little too into the part, what with the near-ripping-out-of-his-heart thing not being part of the plan. Elijah apologizes, but points out that they have achieved their goal of keeping everyone in line, so mission accomplished, regardless.

Ariane appears to Davina, thanking her for consecrating her body, and says that in the interim, she interacted with Kol and that he’s in trouble. She says if Davina doesn’t save him soon, he will suffer a fate worse than death, though she doesn’t specify what before disappearing. Aya pulls Marcel aside later and points out that they need him to talk to Davina and get her to cooperate, as her involvement is key to carrying out her plan of separating the Strix- and everyone else from the sire lines.

We end with Elijah and Klaus wondering who Aurora will strike out at first, as Aurora commissions a man to make the horse into wooden bullets- White Oak wood, no doubt, and that is where we leave the show. Next week looks to be the Originals dealing with Aurora’s trying to hunt them all down, so that should be fun.

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Though admittedly essentially a transitional episode clearly meant to get all the ducks in a row for future episodes, this was still pretty enjoyable, which once again proves that such episodes need not be boring or unentertaining. (Take note, “The Vampire Diaries”!) About the worst thing I can say is that Hayley wasn’t given much to do here, and that the unnamed witch I discussed might as well have been named Deus Ex Machina, given all the purpose she served- basically to get the White Oak horse from point A to point B, so that Aurora still had an ace up her sleeve to play. ( doesn’t even list the actress, much less her name!)

Still, that said, I really liked the episode, so I’m not going to hate too much on that particular plot point. Besides, it kind of needed to happen, whatever one might think of how they got there. Now, we get to have the long-in-the-making showdown between Klaus and Aurora, both of whom have valid reasons to hate one another. While I suppose it’s a foregone conclusion who will come out on top, I still look forward to seeing how it all goes down. Hopefully, it will be more satisfying that the similar one between Stefan and Julian on tonight’s “The Vampire Diaries.”

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Did you get a kick out of Cami and Klaus’ constant bickering? How about Marcel and Elijah’s elaborate plan? What exactly do the Strix need Davina for? It can’t be good, whatever it is. What do you think Aurora’s approach will be? Will she come in, guns literally blazing, or does she also have an elaborate plan in mind? Sound off on this and more down below and I’ll see you next time!