The Amazing Race “I Should’ve Been a Boy Scout” Review (Season 28 Episode 1)

THE AMAZING RACE I Should've Been a Boy Scout

Well, here we are again. It feels like the last season of The Amazing Race just finished! Season 27 was one of the worst seasons in Amazing Race history, in my opinion. With only one semi-capable team with Team Green, they were completely unlikable and ended up actually losing on the final leg. It was a leg filled with teams that were either incredibly stupid or completely unlikable. After having one of the worst seasons of all time, season 28 kicked off tonight with “I Should’ve Been a Boy Scout”, as we meet all of the teams and learn that they are all…”social media stars”.


Look, I don’t want to paint in broad strokes here, but social media stars are basically all infuriating to me. I’m sure these people are all perfectly fine, but most of them are only “famous” because they are either attractive or make dumb videos. When it was announced a month ago that the teams would all be Internet stars I thought, like most people probably did, that it was a dumb idea. However, that was just how they were picking the teams themselves, right? It wouldn’t affect the layout of the race, would it?

Unfortunately, it did. To fit in with the whole “social media” theme of the season, for the first time in Race history we didn’t get all of the teams running from the start line. Instead, they were all counted down by Phil on a smart phone while still in their house. This was weird and felt very off and anticlimactic. There’s something so exciting of seeing all those teams bolt to their backpacks and speed off to the airport, but now everybody just went to their nearest airport.

This led to somewhat of a lose-lose situation for me. At first I thought it was lame because all of those airports are different distances from Mexico City, so it wasn’t fair if some teams would arrive earlier than others. However, it looked like the planes were all coordinated to arrive at the same time. Unfortunately that was also pretty lame to me because then it means that we missed out on the teams first trip to the airport. Usually they all rush to the airport and have to hustle for the best flight, but we missed all that. It just felt like a very un-Amazing Race start.

Anyway, the teams all made it to Mexico City (at the same time…grr) and they quickly got to the first Detour between finding a fake mariachi and building a frame around a bull. The Mariachi detour was a limited supply challenge, which is my Amazing Race pet peeve. The first team who tries it has a bunch of fake mariachis to find, and then anybody who tries after them has a smaller opportunity!

The cave Road Block was just fine. It was a little confusing what Scott was doing up on the surface, though. Was he finding pieces for the mask out on the grass? What was he picking up? Why were there two different colors for the masks? Could they find either 13 blue or 13 white and build a white or blue mask? It was a little odd and underexplained, but whatever. I’m glad nobody gave up on it and took the penalty, because it would be pretty lame to do that on the very first leg.

The end of the leg was also very different from the usual season. Did Matt and Dana really not win anything for coming in first on the first leg? The past few seasons it’s been an Express Pass, but if you’re not going to give out one of those then at least give them a trip or something! Weird.

What did you guys think of the episode, and of the “social media” twist on the season? Sound off in the comments section!

Random Thoughts:

– If Brodie screamed “WHO’S FAKE PLAYING?!” one more time I was going to lose it.

– Burnie is the only guy I’m really rooting for, because I’ve actually been familiar with his work for years. I can’t believe Red Vs Blue has been around for 13 years! Some of those other team members were in diapers!

– I had no idea that Mexico had more museums than any other country! You taught me something, Amazing Race!