Teen Wolf “Lie Ability” Review (Season 5 Episode 16)

Previously on Teen Wolf . . .

– Lydia was still trapped in Eichen House and suffering because the writers simply refuse to let a banshee have nice things.
– Scott’s pack came up with a plan to save her that, unsurprisingly, had gone awry.
– My favorite Demon Wolf, Decualion, was relegated to a room with Hayden and very little screen time.
– I vowed to stop watching the show if Lydia was not free from Eichen this week, which would have made reviewing the show a bit tricky.

Thankfully, I did not have to make good on my word to quit because Lydia is finally out of Eichen. I might actually hate Eichen House more than I hate Theo. Maybe. Hmmmm. The jury is still out on that one. On to “Lie Ability!”

How About That Hellhound?!
This week’s episode opened with what may have easily been my favorite scene this season – a very angry, fiery Parrish beating the stuffing out of Theo’s pack of zombie chimeras. It was fun to see just how strong Parrish is in Hellhound form. He was completely unmoved by kanima venom or a jolt of electricity and he tossed Corey aside in a big ball of fire. Darn those writers from depriving me the satisfaction of seeing him knock around Theo’s smug face. Instead, Theo found a way to slow Parrish down. Ugh.

In Search Of
After disrupting the confrontation between Theo and the Hellhound, Dr. Valack declared that he was not done with Lydia, shoved an unsuspecting Stiles down and made off with her down a hallway behind a locked door. I understand that Stiles urgently and desperately wanted to go after Lydia, but I am curious as to how long he planned to stand there yelling and pulling at a locked door before trying to seek help. That became a moot point thanks to Theo’s smug face and strong legs. For the millionth time this season, we heard Theo declare “you need my help.” Blah, blah, blah.

By the time we got to Kira and Malia, I had really forgotten what purpose they were supposed to serve in the master plan that had long since fallen apart by the time we saw the two by the power breakers. Kira’s powers were getting out of control and Malia was still doing that thing where she thinks she’s helping by yelling useless things at the person. Why do the writers keep doing that?

Josh shows up and pulls a move straight out of the Theo playbook with his “I’ll help you, if you help me” shtick. Thankfully, Josh was not a manipulative douchebag like his pack leader and he actually managed to take the edge off of Kira’s amplified electric state and got Corey the help he needed in order to start healing. That is how you help someone, not just standing there and yelling at them.

Nailed It
Scott and Liam also continued in their search for Lydia and Scott finally had a halfway decent idea – find Meredith and see if she can help. When the duo locates Meredith, she is in a catatonic state, but manages to break through just enough to prompt Scott to get the help he needs from her by using the good ol’ claws in the neck trick. I love whenever Scott breaks out the old parlor tricks, so I was thrilled. Meredith reveals Lydia’s whereabouts to Scott and explains that Valack amplified her powers in order to find out who the Beast is. Unfortunately, the only way for Lydia to reveal the Beast’s identity is for her to scream loud enough to kill herself. Scary prospect, but I was never worried that would actually happen.

Overall, I thought this scene worked really well because of the shifting from Scott in a trance and Liam’s brawling in the hallway with the Eichen House workers, which was at times downright comical.

While Kira and Corey got the help they needed, the Scott/Liam and Stiles/Theo duos continued in pursuit of Lydia. Despite the very urgent nature of the situation, Stiles found time to take a few jabs at Theo for taking his sister’s heart. Theo tried to liken it to believing in Santa Clause, which garnered no sympathy from Stiles. This is not the tale Theo needs to be spinning if the writers have any intention of a redemption arc that would allow the character to stick around this season. Nope.

While the Bickersons trade barbs and look for Lydia, Valack contemplates dressing up Lydia in some Steam Punk cosplay and gives a big ol’ serving of exposition for the audience as he explains how he came to be obsessed with the Dread Doctors. Key takeaway points, some of which viewers already knew:

– The Beast dates back to the 1700s.
– The Dread Doctors want the Beast to remember the good ol’ days.
– The modern day Beast is not quite like the original, as it is bound to a teenage host.
– Once the Beast fully grounds himself in his late 1700 pastime paradise, it will be fully restored and buh-bye teenage host.

Just as Valack attempted to dress Lydia up in his Steam Punk cosplay, which we all know good and well she would never approve of as head wear, she screams so loud that it blasts off nearly half of Valack’s head. In other words, mind blown.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one.

Stiles saves Lydia and the writers gave Stydia shippers some great gif material. Theo is left behind and of course, he’s totally into Steam Punk cosplay. He takes the Dread Doctor’s mask with him as a token for his efforts.

Thanks to Meredith’s help, Scott and Liam met up with Parrish, whose Hellhound abilities saved them from having their heads explode. As an aside, I loved the gruesome, gory look of Valack’s head.

At Last
Despite narrowly escaping death by banshee, the pack was still not in the clear. Thanks to a pep talk from the Demon Wolf, Hayden provides Mason with a much needed assist in getting the group out of Eichen. Just as we thought they’d finally made it out of that hell hole, the stupid kanima girl tries to take Lydia from Parrish. At last, Natalie Martin proves herself useful by giving Tracy a nice jolt with a taser? baton? Whatever. Natalie did a good thing. Finally.

The guys rush Lydia over to Dr. Deaton, who saves the day with a little mistletoe. Lydia wakes up, tells her mom that Stiles saved her and Stydia fans across the world rejoiced.

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The Teen Wolf writers have earned the award again. Playing with the timeline, flash backs and flash forwards on a show where things seldom make sense on a straightforward, linear timeline is not a good idea. The Liam and Hayden scene was such an unwelcome break in the action and neither one of them said anything in the very limited conversation they had that was earth shattering or essential to the plot.

Other Supernatural Thoughts, Questions and/or Observations
– Perhaps it was the result of the slow motion effect, but it really looked like Stiles just stood there as Parrish hurled Corey towards him, Lydia and Valack. For the life of me, I could not understand why Stiles did not move, but I realize that the slow motion effect could have made it look like he just stood there slack jawed as Corey hurled towards him.

– I’m interested to see what the status of Lydia’s powers will be after this experience.

– Why didn’t Scott ask Gerard and Chris, or at least Chris, to help them? Or Braeden? I’m happy that Liam thought of Mason, but why would you leave three very capable people on the bench? Why not have Deaton tag along? Why not at least involve one or more of these characters in the planning process? I suppose had any of them been involved, we would have had a better plan and quicker escape, which would have thwarted the whole drag this thing out for nearly three episodes approach.

– The writers did a good job at incorporating Meredith into the storyline over the last few episodes. I hated the Benefactor plot so very, very much – maybe even more than Theo – so the last few episodes with Meredith served as a nice palate cleanser from that season. I would love it if we never had to see Eichen House again, but I would be totally game for seeing more of Meredith in the future.

– Who is the Beast? I have no idea, but it better not be my sweet, precious Mason.

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