‘Supernatural’ (Season 11): Valentine, Bloody, Valentine


Over the course of the 11 years that Supernatural has been on the air, the show has been filled with one bloody storyline after another. It’s kind of hard not to when the show is about the supernatural world, right?

Way back in the beginning (September 13, 2005 to be exact), when ‘Supernatural’ debuted on The WB, the show was about two young brothers hunting a different monster of the week, exacting revenge started by their father, who was getting revenge for the death of his wife.

Every single week the brothers would track down and kill what goes bump in the night. As the years progressed, the evil that the brothers would fight became more complicated – not just ghost or witches, but angels and the devil himself. Their foes became the Leviathan and skin walkers, vampires and fairies. Large, small, frumpy or stylish – it didn’t matter what package the evil was wrapped in: the battle to take them down was bloody.

And the blood didn’t just flow on Valentine’s Day – like last night’s episode of ‘Supernatural’. No, it did not. It flowed all year round whether it was Halloween or even Christmas. No holiday was safe from the wrath of those who would see evil take over the world.

And it has been up to the Winchester Brothers – and all the other hunters who have come and go too – to make a difference, to save the world and to save each other.

The brothers have saved each other from hell, purgatory and even living a “normal” life – if you can call anything that the Winchester Brothers could ever do as ‘normal’, of course.

They have made more enemies than friends along the way, changing the lives of everyone they have encountered – good, bad or otherwise. They have lost more people than anyone can count and that is the sad fact of living in the supernatural world: it is bloody!

Just last week we saw Claire, the daughter of Jimmy Novak – the vessel that was taken over all those years ago by angel Castiel – attempting to be the local monster hunter while her “adopted” mom Sheriff Jody Mills doubted her. That ended in a pretty bloody battle with a couple of vamps who were on the hunt for Claire’s “adopted” sister Alex, who was once used as bait by a ‘family’ of vamps.

I have a feeling that Jody, Alex and Claire haven’t seen the last of their own fair share of bloody battles any more than the Winchester Brothers have. After all, it’s a bloody world they live in the supernatural universe.

What are your thoughts on the long-run of ‘Supernatural’? Have you been with the show since the beginning? Did you give up on the show at some point but later return to it? Have you had enough of the battles and the blood? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the 11th season of ‘Supernatural’ will air on The CW on Wednesday, February 17 at 9/8c.