Legends of Tomorrow “White Knights” Review (Season 1 Episode 4)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "White Knights"

Legends of Tomorrow finally jumped its characters to a different time period this week, moving our heroes’ pursuit of Vandal Savage to the height of the Cold War. Unfortunately, “White Knights” as a whole made for the series’ weakest outing so far, with the morally-muddled Stein at the forefront of tonight’s action.

Honestly, Stein was a favorite during his time on The Flash, even if he was mainly serving as a stand-in Wells until Harry arrived from Earth-2. However, his kidnapping Jacks in the pilot was a decidedly selfish and unlikable move, one that the show felt the need to drag back up here. It really seemed like the two had buried the hatchet over the incident a few weeks back, so having them bring it back up here made for an unpleasant reminder of the character’s darkest moment. It’s also troubling to see such a similar storyline for Stein popping back up already.

Outside of Firestorm, the show still doesn’t have seem to know what to do with Rip Hunter. He’s allegedly the team’s leader, but the way he’s constantly undercut by Snart damages his credibility. Meanwhile, his brief storyline with his Time Master mentor didn’t do much to add new layers to the characters.

That said, the smaller stories in this episode made for much stronger material. The flirtatious subplot involving Snart and Ray pretty much cemented the two as delightfully-entertaining rivals. Elsewhere, Sara and Kendra’s training sessions gave the two the chance to find mutual ground and develop a genuine friendship. Ultimately, while the overall plotline continues to falter, it’s good to see the smaller character moments landing so effectively.

The Legend Rankings

Snart, Sara, and Ray continue to benefit from their previous Arrowverse appearances, feeling like the most fleshed-out, fully realized characters. Of the three, Snart takes top honors, with Wentworth Miller continuing to steal every scene he appears in. Next up is Kendra, her flashes of rage giving her a new connection to Sara. By way of likability, Jacks beats out Stein given the way their storyline played out. Despite the lack of much to do, Arthur Darvill’s performance keeps Rip fairly enjoyable. The weakest link, surprisingly, is Mick; with Snart and Ray pairing up so nicely, it’s a wonder that Heat Wave was even included as a member of the team. Hopefully, the character can get more to do in future episodes.

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