Pretty Little Liars “Do Not Disturb” Review (Season 6 Episode 15)


On the latest “Pretty Little Liars,” as per expected, we got a bit of a transitional episode, with a few new developments here and there, notably in the final section, but nothing too terribly out of left field overall, in “Do Not Disturb.” As such, I’m going to forgo the whole beat by beat approach of the last few episodes, in which a lot did happen, in favor of a brief run-through.

The first big reveal wasn’t completely unexpected, as the last episode was pointing was too hard at Byron (Chad Lowe) for him to be guilty of Charlotte’s murder, and sure enough, we got confirmation on that early on. Though I admittedly thought there was a good chance Sara, who I suspected was the “masked man” in the black sedan, would intercept and either stop Byron from talking or swoop in and nab him, that proved to not be the case here.

Instead, it would seem that Sara was a little more patient than the girls, who have a tendency to fly off the handle and go off half-cocked at a moment’s notice, with little to nothing to go on. Aria made the meet, only to discover that the only thing her father was guilty of was having clandestine meetings with…her mother, Ella (Holly Marie Combs). Yep, the band (of gold) is getting back together and they were just hesitant to tell Aria with all that was going on, hence the sneaking around.

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Ella also confirms that she was, in fact, with Byron all night, the night of Charlotte’s murder, thus ruling out his being involved in that as well. Good on “PLL” once again for wrapping all this up in short order, rather than dragging it out inordinately the way they would have in the past, no doubt. (Loved the oh-so-mom touch of Ella knowing her “Aria faces” as well.)

Another potential conspiracy theory was also taken out when Sara tailed a returned Ali to school and cornered her in her classroom to apologize about her role in getting Charlotte to take the entire fall for their deeds together. Saying that they were “like sisters,” Sara wanted to “compare notes” with Ali about Charlotte so that she could get the full picture of who she really was, so that “something good could come from all this.”

Though Ali didn’t shut her down completely, neither did she agree to any such thing, opting to remain silent completely. That said, it was pretty clear that she and Sara were not working together, as I suspected, and instead, that Ali was still a bit rattled by Sara in general, as she basically confessed to Emily later on, though she allowed that Sara clearly cared for Charlotte, nonetheless- maybe a little too much.

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Once again, another theory was shot down, though obviously just because Ali and Sara aren’t in cahoots doesn’t mean that Sara couldn’t be “Emoji A.” Or that Ali couldn’t, for that matter. They just aren’t working together, as I thought. However, as we see later in the episode, new “A.” or not, Sara is obviously up to something, and it involves exploring the Radley Hotel for something or the other from its previous iteration as a sanitarium.

As it turned out, Sara was consciously staying in the room built where Charlotte stayed when it was the Radley Sanitarium, and her reason for keeping people out likely had something to do with the massive hole she’d made in her closet wall, which led down to somewhere or the other via ladder, though we didn’t get to that just yet. Team Sparia, in fine wacky form, hopped from the balcony of a room Aria rented intentionally next to Sara’s onto her balcony and snuck into her room, where they discovered a surprisingly spotless area- except for the aforementioned hole in the wall.

After catching sight of a lone glove on a wooden post poking out from underneath the bed, Spencer went through Sara’s drawers, only to find a whole host of other gloves. Looking inside one of them, she discovered a blueprint of the old Radley identifying Sara’s hotel room as the site of Charlotte’s former room and went to tell Aria, who had obviously already went down the ladder to explore whatever that hole in the wall led to.

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My guess is that it leads to the basement, and we already know that various people, including both Charlotte and Mona, both left things in the basement to hide them from their overseers. In other words, it was sort of the original “A.” lair, the room in the Lost River Motel notwithstanding, which I’m fairly certain came first, but I could be wrong.

But the basement was home to BOTH of the “A.” players, so I’m guessing there are still clues to be found there, which is exactly why Sara was looking there for them. Will Team Sparia get their skinny butts out of there in time to avoid getting caught by Sara? Might Sara already be down there? We’ll just have to wait and see next week, because that is where we leave the two.

Meanwhile, Hanna continued to be blackmailed by “Emoji A.” who gave her instructions on where to drop the hard drive with the security footage on it. Thankfully, as I hoped last week, Hanna did indeed ask her mother if she had it, and while she ostensibly didn’t budge on it, it was pretty clear that she had, in fact, taken it, which meant that “A.” only thought Hanna had done it.

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Even smarter, Hanna went to Caleb with the news, where for real “heartbroken” Haleb fans got a little dose of old times as they teamed up briefly to figure out her next move. Though Caleb was ready to go to the police with all of this nonsense sooner than later- finally! Nonetheless, he hooked Hanna up with a faux hard drive, after Hanna and Aria’s search for the real one at her house proved fruitless.

How great was it to see “Emoji A.” after rolling up in that customary black sedan for the drop-off in the alley, get home and plug in the drive, only to see Caleb looking back at her, saying basically: “I don’t know who you are, but if you can change the rules, so can we” and then proceeding to download a virus onto his/her (probably her) laptop which immediately caused it to crash completely. Score one for the Rosewood All-Stars!

Now, obviously “Emoji A.” isn’t going to take it lying down, but if anything, it proved that they don’t know who has the hard drive, either, and the interaction with Hanna and her mother proved that Ashley did, so “Emoji A.” is SOL on that one.

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This didn’t stop them from threatening Emily’s eggs: “Give me the killer, or I’ll use your eggs,” this time in analogue format, by which I mean, an actual note, rather than a text. So, in other words, no emojis this time out, though that would have been hilarious if there had been, like, a colon and a right parenthesis on there, aka an old-school “smiley face.” You’re slipping, “Emoji A.”

Speaking of Emily, she told Ali about the whole egg harvesting thing, and Ali actually ended up accompanying her to the hospital to wait it out while she had the procedure done, as no one else was along for the ride, and only Hanna even knew about it. Unfortunately, it was all for naught, as the couple who had sanctioned Emily’s eggs in the first place had dropped out early that day without her knowledge, as the female half had gotten pregnant (well, one of them, if it was a lesbian couple, at least- not sure one way or the other).

Emily decided to donate them anyway, especially since they would have gone to waste otherwise and she didn’t have the money to store them for future use. While still under she also had a freaky nightmare visit from Sara, who Ali confirmed was never there, as she was there the entire time Em was under sedation. I’m sure Emison fans were eating all of this up. Keeping the hope alive!

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Alas, Team Haleb were also SOL, as Spaleb was in full force once again, and I’m sorry (not), but those two remain hot as fire together, so you guys are going to need to get onboard with that one. They just make sense together, and even Hanna made note of it as she left the two in computer huddle mode, just like she and Caleb used to do. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, Spencer had a lunch meet with Yvonne, which was actually supposed to be with Gil, which led the former to think it was some sort of set-up intended to start something, as Yvonne thought Spencer wanted to meet with her, which she did not. Either way, the two had lunch together and at the end of it, Yvonne dropped her phone and Spencer couldn’t resist picking it up and taking it back to Caleb, who far from disapproving, was actually completely on board with it.

He cloned the phone, gave it back to Spencer to return to Yvonne before she got suspicious, and she returned to the restaurant to give it back to them for Yvonne to pick up, only to run into…long lost Mona, whose very presence sent Spencer’s mind whirling with conspiracy theories and potential frame jobs.

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Naturally, Mona denied everything, but she now knows Spencer had Yvonne’s phone for a while, so she has something to hold over Spencer’s head, should she need to, despite her protests that she wasn’t into those “high school” games anymore. We’ll see. Oh Mona, I missed you! Hopefully, there will be more Mona shenanigans in the near-future. She could easily have been the one who killed Charlotte, after all, given her own actions at the hearing.

But what’s this? Caleb discovers a file on Mona on Yvonne’s cloned phone, so looks like Spencer has a little info of her own, lest Mona try and get squirrelly. He also finds a password-protected one for the Hastings as well, but has yet to open it- though I’m guessing he will soon enough. Might it be possible that Mona wasn’t involved and Yvonne dropped the phone herself on purpose to “test” Spencer? Could be.

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That was about it, save Hanna getting fired from her job by the demanding Claudia (Amy Yasbeck, who I haven’t seen in ages- she was in “Wings” and various Mel Brooks movies back in the day). Jordan comforted her after and rather than returning to Rosewood, the two “kept driving,” to who knows where.

So, nice to see certain dead-end plots wrapped up sooner than later, cool that Byronella is a thing once more, and a big shout-out for Team Sparia, who handily stole the show. Best moment- when Aria started to chicken out about crossing the balcony at Radley, and Spencer offered: “Would you like me to toss you over first, like a Frisbee?” I’d pay good money to see that, lol. “Little Big One,” indeed. Team Sparia FTW! (Though it remains to be seen how they will fare next week, so we’ll see.)

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What did you think of the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars”? Did you enjoy the reunion of Team Sparia? What’s at the bottom of that ladder? Will Team Sparia get caught by Sara? How about the reunion of Aria’s parents? Is the show pulling a fast one by Ella vouching for Byron’s whereabouts? Might she being re-marrying him in order not to have to testify, as Aria suspected? What’s in the folder on Mona and the Hastings in Yvonne’s phone? Is it a set-up, as Spencer suspected? Sound off on this and more down below and see you next week!