Marvel’s Agent Carter “The Atomic Job” Review (Season 2 Episode 5)

Agent Carter The Atomic Job

Tonight’s episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter marks the halfway point through this season with “The Atomic Job”, as things are plugging along nicely with all of the main storylines, as everybody is trying to figure out just how this zero matter stuff works.

That pesky zero matter stuff is really the weakest part of the story for me. I realize that this is all part of the formula when you have a show set in the Marvel universe, but it always seems a little lazy when they introduce some mystical macguffin to the storyline just because they want something that helps connect the dots for them. How was Wilkes going to find Jane Scott’s missing body? The zero matter told him! The zero matter helps Whitney absorb or kill characters when they need to be killed, but her touch doesn’t seem to always have that effect. Oh, and then it takes Wilkes away for no reason either. I know that the mysterious nature of this stuff is, like, the whole point, but it comes off like they’re just trying to make dots connect when they shouldn’t. Part of the fun of this show is seeing Peggy and the rest of her crew figure stuff out for themselves, so when the zero matter just told Wilkes where the body was buried I was bummed. I’m hoping that this doesn’t happen much going forward.

The only other thing that disappointed me slightly was this new love triangle between Sousa, his fiancee, and Peggy. Sousa proposed to his girlfriend in a very unorthodox, but very cute way, and I really started to like them both as a couple. Sure, it’s clear that he and Peggy still have some feelings for each other, but they’re both professionals and you’d think they could learn to move on. It isn’t like they need to be together for me to be happy. Peggy’s an independent woman! That’s why the sudden reappearance of this love triangle was a little frustrating, and the timing is especially odd. It would have made sense if Peggy came to LA and then found out that Sousa had moved on and already been engaged to a new woman, or maybe even already married her, but that’s not what happened. He was planning to marry her, but hadn’t done so yet. You’d think that once he saw Peggy again he would change his mind and not go through with it. Instead, he goes through with the proposal anyway and takes a big step in that relationship, but then it seems like the step is almost immediately undone when she learns that he still has feelings for Peggy. So why make him propose at all? Just weird.

Apart from those two items, I’m really loving everything else we got. I love the side story with Whitney Frost, ever growing in power, dragging her reluctant and terrified husband Cal along for the ride. It really is quite strange that this storyline even exists. There really wasn’t any persistent storyline centered around any characters other than Peggy or other members of the SSR in season one, so it’s odd that we have so much screen time dedicated to these characters. I think it’s a great idea, but it’s definitely a change for this show. I also greatly appreciated the hilarious and surprising cameo by Ken Marino as mobster Joseph Manfriedi. I’ve never seen Marino in such a twisted and psychotic role before, so it was certainly a surprising change for him.

I was a little skeptical on the inclusion of Rose and Samberly on the mission at first, thinking it may have been leaning a little too heavily on comic relief, but I grew to appreciate this decision. It was a little strange that Rose ended up being such an incredibly imposing physical and mental threat. I also had no idea that she had received the same training as the rest of the agents. I always assumed she was just hired as a receptionist for the agency and didn’t require any training for that. I love that both Rose and Samberly could have just remained the peripheral characters they were, and we could have had the outcome be the same anyway, but it’s great that they’re trying to flesh out these minor characters.

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Random Thoughts:

– It was a little silly that Peggy saw that poster on the wall in Hugh Jones’ office and it conveniently gave her the clue to find the key on his person. Was that really the intention of the poster?

– Props to Ray Wise, really going for it as the scumbag Hugh Jones and making all those hilarious faces during those electrocutions.