The Originals “Wild at Heart” Review (Season 3 Episode 11)

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On the latest episode of “The Originals,” as Camille began the expectedly difficult transition from human to vampire and the Strix regrouped in wake of Tristan’s absence, we finally got to see what was going on with Davina in “Wild at Heart.” (If you said “still pining for Kol” on the latter, give yourself a thousand points!)

We began as Aya, presumably assuming leadership of the Strix in Tristan’s wake, assembled the highest-ranking members for a little get-together, only with a catch: a guest star, in the form of witch Ariane (Haley Ramm, “Chasing Life”), who did a “special” reading to weed out the friends from the foes. As to be expected in a power vacuum, not everyone was onboard with the “new” leader- but the question was, in this case, who?

Luckily for Marcel, he passed the test as a worthy “Knight,” but one other wasn’t so lucky, and paid the price with his life. That taken care of, Aya moved on to more pressing matters- the Originals. Pointing out that Elijah was still a very real threat in particular, she said he needed to be dealt with sooner than later, and by any means necessary- but that she had a plan on how to do so effectively, and hopefully without more bloodshed.

At least part of said plan included a still-shunned Davina, who was hanging out with Josh, brooding around the Quarter, as all her kind continued to ignore her. Aya picked her up and took her back to a special headquarters where fellow shunned “orphan” witches just like her had been assembled to work for the Strix.

Each had been granted their utmost desires in exchange for loyalty to the Strix, but that loyalty, almost needless to say, came at a price, though what exactly Aya did not say, and neither did anyone else. In Davina’s case, however, the potential to raise Kol from the dead was among the possibilities and benefits of joining. But what was the price?

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Aya also invited Elijah for a sit-down, suggesting that perhaps they could work together, albeit briefly. As everyone knew, there was still a weapon out there capable of killing an original, but as of yet, no one knew what or where it was. Aya thought that, with the help of Ariane, she might be able to help Elijah figure it out. But what exactly was in it for her?

Meanwhile, Klaus, in a dubious move he hoped would make her more manageable, had given Cami a daylight ring. The idea was, in not keeping her cooped up, while still keeping a watchful eye over her, she would be able to better transition into her life as a vampire. While not terrible in theory, it didn’t take long for someone to tick her off, at which point she had the guy go empty his bank account, use it to tip the bartender he’d mouthed off to, and had planned to meet him in the alley for dubious reasons when Klaus finally intervenes, offering to mentor her.

Back to Davina, as she was understandably dubious of Aya’s underlying motives, she decided to investigate on her own if the means with which her witches planned to bring Kol back were even valid in the first place. I’ll say this for Davina, though she still might be naïve in some ways, she is maturing enough to learn from her mistakes and not just jump at the first chance to rectify her situation. That said, it is sort of sad that her whole raison d’être revolves around a man when she has such undeniable strength as a woman. Oh well. She’s young- she’ll learn.

To that end, though, she has Josh do some monitoring of his own, as she poisons herself intentionally, in order to “visit” the other side and talk to Kol herself and see if he knows whether the spell the witches have in mind to bring him back is even valid in the first place- or if there’s a catch. Naturally, she does this without getting Josh’s permission, as she knows he’d probably never give it anyway.

Basically, the plan is for Josh to be her “link” to the living, with him holding her hand after cutting each other’s palms, thus establishing a blood pact between the two of them that will bring her back when the time is right. So long as he doesn’t let go of her, she’ll be fine, but if he does…she could be stuck there in the land of the dead- and with some very upset Ancestors out to get her for her past actions, to boot.

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Meanwhile, Elijah begrudgingly agrees to meet with Aya and her witch, Ariane. The plan is for Ariane to read Elijah’s mind, in order to figure out what the medium’s prediction means, and to puzzle out where and what the weapon might be using that information. Of course, in doing so, it exposes all of Elijah’s past and deeply hidden secrets in the process, thus potentially putting Ariane in a position to expose them.

Ariane says that a lone figure will be the Originals’ undoing, on a pale horse. But who could that be? Whatever the case, she adds that, despite all the misery they’d faced in their lives previously, it would all pale in comparison to what was to come and be worse than anything they’ve face before, which doesn’t sound good, certainly.

As this is going on, Klaus’ mentoring hits a snag when Cami can’t control herself when feeding. She points out that he’s maybe not the greatest one to talk in that regard, and that she wants to follow in his footsteps, which also doesn’t sound good. To that end, she breaks his neck and goes rogue, taking off on her own. She finds Detective Kinney, who has gotten it together enough to start working on the force again and she asks him to do a favor for her.

Back in the land of the dead, Davina does indeed find Kol, and it’s OG Kol this time, aka Nathaniel Buzoli, who she is seeing for the first time in this form, I do believe. Though thrilled to see her, he’s also wary of her being there, what with the Ancestors still out to get her. To that end, they hide out in a bar to lay low until he’s sure it’s relatively safe to talk.

Davina tells him about the spell and shows him the basics she obtained from the Strix witches, and asks him if it could actually work. He takes a look and says that it could, but that the price is too great, as it’s extremely dangerous. He mentions that he hasn’t seen anything like it outside of the Strix, and she acknowledges that it’s where she got it. He says that whether it works or not, it wouldn’t be worth what they would make her do to achieve it and advises against it.

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Klaus catches up to Camille to discover that she has compelled Kinney to retrieve her family’s heirlooms, as in the dark magical objects her family was in charge of looking after. Klaus isn’t thrilled about this development, pointing out that she barely knows how to control herself without tossing dark magic into the mix. Hayley, who’s staying with the Mikaelsons, in wake of Jackson’s death as well as the still unknown threat looming; intervenes on Cami’s behalf, pointing out that she can relate to her plight, having once been in her position before and asks to talk to her alone.

This turns out to be a mistake, as Cami is still not herself, and lashes out a bit at her. She even goes so far as to point out, not untruthfully that, what with Jackson dead, it now frees Hayley up to go after Elijah again. She’s isn’t happy with this revelation, truth or not- it’s way too soon to be thinking about that sort of thing- and sends Cami away for the time being after even Cami realizes that she’s gone a little too far in saying that to her.

Davina runs afoul of Kara (Joyce Brew), her old foe, who isn’t exactly thrilled to see her there and attacks her, also drawing the attention of the others. In the meantime, Ariane comes into the room that Josh and Davina are in and slits Josh’s throat intentionally, to cut off their link to one another, in order to make Davina dependent on her instead to get her out. She goes into Davina’s head, telling her she can help her cross back over, but that they have to go now, as she can only hold Kara and the Ancestors off for so long.

Klaus has a moment of clarity after talking to Elijah about the new information he gleaned from Ariane and realizes that he knows what the weapon is, after all. Klaus says, in fact, that he made it himself, as a gift for Rebekah- a tiny horse, carved out of- you guessed it- the white oak tree that can kill them. Unfortunately, Cami, who overheard enough of this to puzzle it out for herself and nabs it first and takes off again.

Meanwhile, Davina and Ariane make it out alive, with Kol expressing concern for Davina right up to the end- and wariness of the Strix’s motives. Ariane says that the deal to get her what she most wanted was worth it to her, personally, and recommends Davina accept the Strix’s help, which she ultimately seems to do, despite Kol’s warnings. Josh also recovers, though he doesn’t seem to remember that it was Ariane that caused the link to break, not himself.

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Cami calls Klaus, wanting to make a trade: her family’s heirlooms, in exchange for the horse. Elijah, in the meantime, pays another visit to Ariane. She accurately predicts he’s there to kill her, as she knows entirely too much about him and his family, and she’s right, but she’s also resigned and accepting of her fate, and actually welcomes death as a “release,” which does not bode well for Davina’s future, if death is a better option than continuing to serve the Strix.

Josh meets with Marcel and confirms that Davina has accepted the Strix’ invitation, and asks him what they’re going to do about it. Elijah returns and finds a sad Hayley, crying not just over Jackson, but because she feels guilty. She’s realized that anyone loving any of them, as in the Mikaelsons, is a death sentence waiting to happen. Unfortunately, history does seem to bear that out. But does that necessarily mean that she and Elijah can’t be together? I don’t think so, even if it ultimately ends in heartache.

That was where we left things, and though obviously a transitional episode, it did set the stage for what is to come. As ever, everyone has their own agendas, and there’s a lot of moving parts out there that could go sideways at any moment. We’ve got Cami running around half-cocked, with the one thing that could kill the Originals, while I’d be willing to bet that Ariane already told Aya what she discovered about Elijah when reading his mind. Between that and having landed Davina as Ariane’s replacement, the Strix are no longer in the weakened position they started out in, which I’m assuming was Aya’s plan in the first place. Mission accomplished.

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On the plus side, Davina’s recruitment almost certainly means that Kol will be back sooner than later, which means that we’ll soon have another Original back in the mix, which is always nice. I’m also curious as to what would even scare off Kol, in terms of what the “price” to be paid to the Strix for their help could be.

Also, who is the mysterious “lone figure” that Ariane predicted would be the Originals’ undoing, and how could this threat be worse than anything they’ve already faced up to this point? Lots of potential for some cool plotlines there, so we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully better than things are going over on “The Vampire Diaries,” that’s for sure.

All in all, a pretty entertaining episode. The whole “land of the dead” sequence was suitably creepy, and I liked the idea of the Strix having a host of rogue witches at their beck and call. I have a feeling that the witches who shunned them will eventually be regretting that decision sooner than later. I also liked that Josh had Davina’s back, though I wonder if Marcel was the one to go to for help. After all, Ariane did confirm that he was on Team Strix now, despite what he told Elijah about still being on their side.

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What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Were you glad to see Kol again, in his, ahem, “original” form? Do you think Davina will come to regret her decision about signing up with the Strix? What is it that they will want her to do for them? Is it truly so bad that death is the better option? Who is the “lone figure” that boasts the biggest threat the Originals have ever faced? Is it Marcel, and if not, can he really be trusted? Will Cami let the horse fall into the wrong hands? Sound off on this and more down below and join me next week for the next episode!