Sleepy Hollow “One Life” Review (Season 3, Episode 9)

Sleepy Hollow The Art of War

Henry David Thoreau once said that the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. Desperation can cause a person to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily even consider doing, and often those choices lead to dire consequences. That was a lesson Ichabod Crane learned in this week’s Sleepy Hollow. It’s actually a lesson a couple of characters learned.

I usually dislike when a show does a time jump, but in this instance it worked for the story Sleepy Hollow was trying to tell. When the story picks up, Abbie has been missing for a month. In that time, Ichabod has been frantically searching for a means of finding Abbie and bringing her back. His quest has yielded no results and he’s becoming increasingly desperate. He’s taking risks that he otherwise wouldn’t have taken, and as is always the case, it didn’t work out well. Ichabod’s desperation to believe that Abbie was communicating with him from wherever it is she’s gone caused him to draw the attention of some creature that feeds off desperation. Ichabod and Agent Foster were able to successfully return the creature to whatever realm it was she came from, but two people lost their lives before they were able to stop it.

Ichabod is lost at sea without Abbie. It’s not so much that he doesn’t have anyone else to rely on. He does. But his relationship with Abbie is something else entirely. He is intimate with her in a way that he isn’t with anyone else. She is his solid ground in a world of shifting sands. He relies on her a great deal, and he is sincerely lost without her. His desperation isn’t so much rooted in the fact that Abbie is gone. He’s dealt with that before. The issue this time is not only is she gone. He doesn’t know where she’s gone. He doesn’t know whether she’s ok. And most importantly, he doesn’t know how to get her back. That’s a hard pill for someone like Ichabod to swallow. Usually, he’s the man with the plan. He’s the one who has that random bit of knowledge that helps them turn things in their favor. Now, it seems all of that has failed him when he most needs it. The truth of the matter is, Abbie is Ichabod’s family. They love each other and they need each other. Ichabod’s laser focus on bringing his family back distracted him from his mission. It’s not that getting Abbie back shouldn’t be an important aspect of his mission. Of course it should be. However, he cannot expect to get Abbie back if he gets himself killed in the process because he’s behaving so recklessly. Agent Foster (along with some helpful flashbacks) reminded Ichabod that if he gets back to his mission of fighting evil, the answers he seeks may present themselves to him. Ichabod wasn’t the only one having a hard time dealing with Abbie’s disappearance.

Jenny wasn’t dealing all that well with Abbie’s disappearance either. She was keeping on a pretty brave face for a while, but it didn’t last. Although I’m sure Jenny is worried about Abbie’s well–being, that’s not all there is to it. Jenny carries massive amounts of guilt. Abbie disappeared after taking the power of the Shard of Annubis out of Jenny’s body and taking it through the door into Pandora’s Tree of Doom. While I don’t believe Jenny is responsible for Abbie’s decision to try and save the world, it’s what Jenny thinks that matters. She believes Abbie sacrificed herself for her, and her survivor’s guilt is overwhelming her. It’s kind of an understatement to say that Jenny and Abbie’s relationship has been rocky over the years. When we first met Jenny, she and Abbie hadn’t spoken in years and Jenny was a semi-permanent resident in the loony bin. It took some time, but Abbie and Jenny have reconnected and they’re just now beginning to act like sisters again. While Ichabod was recklessly opening portals and bringing creatures into the world, Jenny and Joe went in search of a map that would allow them to locate Pandora and The Hidden One. Their theory was that if they could find the bad guys, the bad guys would lead them to Abbie. It’s a long shot, but it was better than just sitting around. What Joe and Jenny’s excursion revealed was how afraid Jenny is to allow herself to open up to Joe. Losing Abbie reminded Jenny how different her life is now than it was before she joined Team Crane. She’s no longer a lone wolf moving from place to place and taking all kinds of crazy risks. She’s got a mission now. She’s got family now. She actually has something (or rather someone) that she’s afraid to lose now.

While the good guys were dealing with Abbie’s absence, Pandora was in a bit of hot water with her husband. The Hidden One was none too pleased that his plans for world domination and yada yada were thwarted. So, he was sulking and throwing a temper tantrum. Pandora was able to retrieve a piece of her box from the scene of the explosion, and it looks like it wasn’t completely out of juice just yet. I have no doubt that whatever she did with her little piece of the box is what’s drawing all of the monsters to Sleepy Hollow. What’s even more, Pandora NEEDS this plan to work. The Hidden One issued a not quite veiled threat to her if she failed him again. I guess love only goes so far with him.

All in all, this was a pretty decent episode. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Agent Foster coming on board. On the one hand, the good guys could use a little help. The Monster Marauder’s Map indicated that monsters from all over the world are converging on Sleepy Hollow, so any allies Team Crane can drum up will probably come in handy. But on the other hand, I’m not really looking forward to Agent Foster being Diet Abbie. We’ve already had the passive aggressive war between Abbie and Katrina for Ichabod’s attention, and I would really rather not revisit that situation. I’m not 100% certain that’s the direction the writers are taking the character, but signs seem to be pointing in that direction. I’ll hold off judgement until I see more of how Foster fits into the story though. So what did y’all think of this week’s Sleepy Hollow?