The 100 “Ye Who Enter Here” Review (Season 3 Episode 3)

The 100 -- "Ye Who Enter Here" --
“Ye Who Enter Here” gave us the best idea yet of what this season of The 100 will likely be most focused on. While the first two seasons of the show dealt in uneasy alliances frequently, season three is obviously more concerned with the political and social interactions between the different groups and tribes. As such, this episode gave us glimpses at not only the different major players, but at what it is they’re all ultimately working to protect within their individual societies.

This brings me to what was far and away my favorite scene of the episode, Kane and Abby’s walk through the market of the capital city. It was a low-key scene, but just seeing how happy the two were to see such a peaceful, united place was a wonderful, bright moment, the kind this show rarely provides. Throw in Indra welcoming Kane and Abby like old friends, and everything seems downright idyllic. It gives a sense of what the two have always dreamed of for the ground, while also providing a tangible goal for peace if they can truly achieve it.

The tragedy of this world, and this show, of course, is that peace is never going to be as easy as Kane receiving a brand on his arm. There’s too much prejudice on both sides, and it’s the sort of hatred that means things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better. On the Grounder side, it means the threat of the Ice Nation, who kill dozens by self-destructing Mount Weather. On the Arkadia side, it’s Pike and his deep-seated hate for the Grounders, a hate that may be spreading to Bellamy after the death of Gina.

And even the alliances that do exist are shaky. Though Clarke is working with Lexa for the sake of her people, there’s still a great deal of tension there. Lexa attempts to show her loyalty to Clarke at the end of the episode, but there’s still a long road to reestablishing the trust between the two. It’s just one of the many politically-charged relationships at the heart of this season, and I’m excited to see where things go from here.

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