Legends of Tomorrow “Blood Ties” Review (Season 1 Episode 3)

Vandal Savage - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Even with last week’s major death, Legends of Tomorrow still has a lot of characters to juggle. It also has audience members who may not be familiar with each of those character’s backstories from Arrow and The Flash. So it’s no surprise that “Blood Ties” followed the more bombastic premiere with an episode dedicated to establishing who these people are while also building the relationships between them.

As mentioned above, there’s a lot of exposition in this episode. As someone who’s written about every single show with a relation to the Arrowverse, that meant a lot of familiar material here. That said, it was all relayed well enough, and allowed a chance for new pairings to begin to form. Rip learned about Sara’s bloodlust, Jacks got better acquainted with Snart, and Ray and Stein were able to bond as they worked to save Kendra’s life; every storyline this week did a good job of forging stronger connections between the new teammates.

While this was an overall more low-key hour, we still got some solid action scenes. Sara’s White Canary moves are still a highlight. Melee combat is something the Arrowverse has excelled at from the beginning, so it’s great to have Sara as a member of the Waverider crew. Meanwhile, watching The Atom take out knife fragments from within Kendra’s bloodstream was fun, if not the most visually exciting scene.

If there’s one thing that still doesn’t work about the show, it’s the lack of threat to Casper Crump’s Vandal Savage. For someone who’s supposed to be the greatest threat in history, he’s yet to feel like a true next-level threat. Yes, he’s immortal, but this episode still ends with him getting his throat slit. It just doesn’t seem like it will ultimately be that hard for Kendra to deliver the killing blow when the time comes.

The Legend Rankings

Top honors go to Sara and Rip both this week. Not only did we get a great deal of development for both characters, but they starred in both of the week’s best action scenes. Next is Snart, who showed a moment of vulnerability with his childhood self, followed by Ray and Stein for their mission to save Kendra’s life. Tied for last are Jacks, Rory and Kendra, who served in clear supporting roles this time around.

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