Shameless “Going Once, Going Twice” Review (Season 6 Episode 4)

Previously on Shameless . . .

– Debbie pressed on with her planned pregnancy.
– Fiona tried to give Gus closure and was treated to quite the public roasting.
– Ian saved a woman’s life and met a hot firefighter.
– The Gallaghers received an eviction notice.
– Kevin’s guilt about Yanis led to a serious case of diarrhea of the mouth and earned him some well-deserved side eye from V.

In sum, the Gallaghers continued to Gallagher. As a reminder, I count V and Kev among the Gallaghers as well. They’re family! This week’s episode, “Going Once, Going Twice,” was easily my favorite of the season. The writers did a pretty decent job capitalizing on the strength of last week’s episode and finally gave viewers a chance to witness the family experiencing consequences for their actions.

House Gallagher
The strongest storyline in this week’s episode was fight for the Gallagher family home. There were so many levels of payoff with this plot and I loved every bit of it. We learned that Patrick Gallagher, who owns the house, took out a large bank loan and put the house up for collateral. Fiona had no ownership interest in the house and as a result, could not bypass the consequences of Patrick’s loan default. Patrick is an awful human being, but I can understand his perspective. After all, not only was he barely being paid rent in a timely manner, there is also the whole Debbie blackmailing him with child molestation allegations issue. Patrick had very little reason to feel any sympathy for the consequences of his actions.

Shameless is at its best when you watch the Gallaghers rally together. The interactions between Fiona, Lip, Carl and Ian, as they discussed how to save the home, reminded me of what I grew to love about the show in its earlier seasons. Thanks to Gus’s family heirloom, Sean’s cash, Sean’s insight on loans, the family looked poised to finally have ownership over something so dear to them. Instead, the gentrification plot finally came full circle, as the family came up short in their bid to buy their house at the bank auction. All of the foreshadowing, from Lip’s summer job last season to the Alibi Room’s popularity to the nonsense with Yanis all culminated in that moment when a young couple bought the Gallagher’s home. I loved the buildup of tension during the auction, which featured strong performances by all. I felt nervous, tense, a sense of hope and I audibly gasped when the auction ended and the Gallagher home was sold to someone else.

The Fallout
As engaging and rewarding as the eviction plot was this week, I fear the fallout of losing the home may come up short. In some of the weaker moments of the episode, the writers laid the groundwork for where the family once they leave their home behind. It looks like Debbie and Frank have successfully schemed their way into the home of man whose wife is dying of cancer. The Debbie/Frank material continues to be my least favorite each week and I do not expect that to change any time soon.

Fiona and Sean had a very awkward conversation about the possibility of her moving in with him, which Sean was clearly not thrilled about. Thanks to his thriving gun running business, Carl will likely find a way to rent a place – despite being under the age of 18. Ian and Lip may have to revisit their conversation from last week’s episode in which Ian asked to crash with Lip. As we saw in this week’s episode, Shameless is at its best when the family is in a central place. The show has previously broken the family up and although I respect why the past separations were important to the storyline, I would not count those among my favorite episodes. This is Shameless, after all, and I would not be surprised if an unexpected, unrealistic plot twist allows the Gallaghers to stay put. Case in point – the ridiculous conclusion to the storyline with Yanis. I am SO glad that guy is gone, but I hate the writers’ decision to have Kevin just stand there slack jawed as a man was burning to death. It will be interesting to see where the writers go with Kev and V now that Yanis is finally done.

Other Thoughts And Observations
– I have struggled with Carl’s storyline this season; however, this week’s episode had several great character beats for Carl, Dominique and Nick. Nick may not be a young man of many words, but he is clearly thoughtful and when he speaks, he chooses his words wisely. I loved that he challenged Carl’s desire to do adult-like things with a heart-wrenching story about owning a bicycle. Victor Onuigbo (Nick) was really great in that scene and I found myself a little less frustrated with him not uttering a single word in the first three episodes of the season. There is still a lot of room for improvement in this storyline, but it’s definitely turned a corner.

– I was not thrilled to see Chucky return this week. I hope they ship him off to live with Sheila off-screen.

– Lip and Ian’s storylines took interesting turns this week. Whether those interesting turns were good or bad remains to be seen. I still love both characters, so I’m on board to see where the writers take them.

– Doesn’t the house next to the Gallaghers belong to Jimmy/Steve? I thought he bought it for Fiona, but I guess he was just renting.

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