The Flash “Fast Lane” Review (Season 2 Episode 12)

The Flash delivered a solid installment this week, even if it wasn’t the most thrilling hour the show has ever produced. Ultimately, “Fast Lane” was an episode far more concerned with its character-focused arcs than the superhero action. Fortunately, it was a successful shift in focus, making for an emotionally-rewarding hour that pushed several storylines forward in a big way.

As a result of the episode’s focus on the characters, it wasn’t a surprise that Tar Pit ended up as such a lame threat. He actually had a lot in common with the metahuman threats of season 1, simply using his powers to seek revenge on those who wronged him. In pretty much every scene that Tar Pit was in, he faded into the background; instead, the focus fell to Barry’s lost speed, or the West family drama, or just punking Tar Pit out because it was the end of the hour. The one thing I will say is that his magma monster form was fairly well-done.

Of course, the big development of the week was Harry deciding that, as much as he loves his daughter, he can’t go through with stealing Barry’s speed and risking the lives of the new friends he’s begrudgingly made. It was a nice turn to have him finally give in to his conscience and do the right thing. In turn, the team decides that they still want to help Harry, deciding it’s time to visit Earth-2 proper.

Meanwhile, Joe and Iris continued to slowly bring Wally into their lives despite his reluctance to give up his fast, furious lifestyle. There wasn’t anything too spectacular in this material, but it was a necessary step forward for the characters. Really, the funniest part was just how chill Iris was about ending up in the hospital, given how crazy her life has general become of late.

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