‘Supergirl’ (Season 1): The Many Loves of Kara Danvers

Winn, Kara and James.

Kara Danvers does not have an easy life by any stretch of the imagination given that she is not only a mild-mannered, and quite frankly, highly overworked personal assistant to media mogul Cat Grant but she is also the one and only Supergirl

She has battled aliens, lifelike robots, her very own clone and an extremely hard to please and demanding boss. But it’s the affairs of the heart that are possibly even more difficult for her than anything else.

Sure, saving the day is the epitome of what Supergirl is all about; but her life is ruled by her heart and as it stands right now she’s got a lot of attention in the love department.

A few episodes ago her best friend Winn put his heart on the line, declaring how much he loves her; and while Kara obviously cares deeply for Winn, she is not in love with him the same way.

Then there is James Olsen, the man of Kara’s dreams, who is with another woman (the illustrious Lucy Lane), but who – as of last night’s episode – proclaimed his love for Supergirl.

And for a very brief time there was Adam Foster, Cat’s biological son, who had a chance meeting with Kara at the local coffee shop and several great dates. But their brief relationship was ruined by Supergirl’s clone Bizarro. It is more than possible that Adam could have become a wonderful boyfriend for Kara, but I guess we’ll never know.

On the other side of the spectrum is the love that Kara has for her adoptive sister Alex and vice versa. Where there would typically be sibling rivalry (and I’m sure there was a certain level of that throughout the years between them and maybe we’ll see that in flashbacks at some point later this season), Kara and Alex are completely devoted to each other. After all, love isn’t just romantic.

Case in point: Maxwell Lord. He has a deep love for Kara, but it is nothing even close to romantic love. He loves to hate Kara because he doesn’t trust aliens. In fact, Lord hates Kara/Supergirl (and her sister Kara) so much that he created Bizarro, her “evil” clone who was the exact opposite of Supergirl. But that “love to hate her” may have come to an end with Alex’s impulsive move to take him into the Department of Extranormal Operations. Nah, I think it’s only been escalated by his incarceration.

What are your thoughts about the many loves of Kara Danvers? Do you agree with her decision to push Adam away before she even gives him a chance? What about Winn’s declaration of love? Did she make the right choice in wanting to remain just friends? And what about James? Is there any chance for them or is he still too tied up with Lucy? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below and remember to watch the next new episode of the debut season of ‘Supergirl’ when it airs on CBS on Monday, February 8 at 8/7c.