Supergirl “Bizarro” Review (Season 1 Episode 12)

At a distance, Supergirl has the potential to seem far more of a monster-of-the-week show than a lot of the other superhero programs on TV. From the rather subdued ongoing narrative threads that politely take turns week-to-week to the previews’ emphasis on who Kara will be fighting next time around – Red Tornado! Toyman! A White Martian! – it’s understandable why so many might see the show as less essential than its compatriots. However, it’s the way the show is able to push its ongoing threads so well with otherwise standalone adventures like “Bizarro” that makes it such a success.

Really, episodic has gotten an unfair rap these days, with so much focus being put on the importance of serialization. However, Supergirl has done a good job of blending the two while still leaning in favor of episodic stories. Watching Kara fight her evil twin is very much an “of-the-week” story, with an ending that suggests we’re unlikely to see Bizarro again for a while, if ever. Still, it makes for a fun hour of television, giving us a surprisingly well-done take of the classic Superman villain, and proof that the show has so far done a better job at the weekly adventures than the larger conflicts.

For example, the escalating tension between Maxwell Lord and Supergirl was the driving force behind the conflict this week. I’m still a fan of how Peter Facinelli is playing the part, despite complaints that the character has essentially been turned into a stand-in Lex Luthor. That said his arrest lacks a bit of oomph given how little we know about him; who is this guy beyond a billionaire with a deep hatred of aliens? More importantly, why does he hate aliens so much? His imprisonment should be a big moment, but it falls flat.

On the Kara Danvers side of the equation, her relationship with Adam seems to have sputtered out before even getting started. I have to imagine the character will return in the future, given how much time has been spent setting him up, but it just seems like a waste to split the two up so soon. More positively, it feels like Winn has truly gotten over Kara’s rejection in a mature, positive way, making him a great example to young viewers of how to handle this sort of situation.

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