The Good Wife “Judged” Review (Season 7 Episode 13)

The Good Wife "Taxed" Season 7 Episode 4 (1)

Well, it looks like this is it, folks. With Robert and Michelle King already announcing that they won’t be returning to The Good Wife for next season, and now Julianna Margulies herself says she won’t be returning for an eight season, we might be heading into the home stretch here. The writers and creators have already said that they are writing the finale of this season with the possibility of it being their season finale, which is definitely different for them. They’ve typically had cliffhanger ending for their seasons, but I’d imagine that’s not going to happen now. It’s a very strong possibility that we only have eight episodes left of this show, so let’s enjoy them while we can with tonight’s installment “Judged.”

It’s a shame that the show seems to be winding down now, as this season is finally heating up! This was easily the best episode of the season to date, and it might have even crept onto my top ten all time for this series!

With no more campaign storyline to distract us, the episode was split pretty neatly between Alicia’s cases and Diane’s case. The episode was book ended by two great Alicia/Eli scenes, where Eli was able to actually recount most of the voicemail to Alicia, and Alicia actually forgave him in the end. Eli has been stuck in campaign mode for most of this season (most of this series, really) so the personal scenes he’s had with Alicia this season have been great. The final one of the night was my favorite, with Eli saying how hard it is for him to apologize, but he’s able to finally get all of this off his chest with tears in his eyes. Beautiful stuff. I was so glad that Alicia forgave him, because these two work so much better as friends than as enemies.

Alicia’s actual case started out as just another “case of the week”, but her crusade against Schakowsky looks to be backfiring on her. I loved just about everything her. Christopher McDonald has been great all season as the intimidating bond court judge, and we actually got to see him cross tonight! I also loved that Alicia’s showboating and brash decision making ended up biting her in the butt this time. She’s gone after judges before, and she always seems to take things to ridiculous extremes just to prove a point. I’m glad somebody called her on it and now she faces serious repercussions. It was such a great twist for Cary to join her as her lawyer, and then actually offer her a job again at his law firm! Knowing this might be end for this series, part of me does hope for her to come back to the job we saw her start at way back in episode one. Plus, they do have a lot more malpractice insurance!

The only slight letdown of the episode was Diane’s case, which definitely felt tacked on and really didn’t need to be in the episode at all. The only plus was that we got the return of a few minor Good Wife players, with Grace Rex’s jilted lawyer Martha Reed and Richard Masur’s Geoffrey Solomon showing up again.

The clear highlight of the episode was Alicia’s incredible speech to Lucca. This was not only one of the most powerful scenes in this show’s history, right up there with Will confronting Alicia and sweeping her desk way back in “It Hits the Fan”, but an absolutely amazing performance by Margulies. The nature of the Alicia Florrick character is that she is very reserved and keeps most of her emotions under the surface, so it’s very rare for us to peek under the hood and hear what she’s actually feeling on a daily basis. We heard that she might be concerned with how much she’s drinking, that she might not like her kids, and then she ended it with the deeply concerning “I just want it all to end”. Really intense and scary stuff, and it was all played perfectly off of Cush Jumbo.

With the very real possibility that we only have a few episodes left, it’s difficult not to feel disappointed that we’re not seeing a little more interaction between Alicia and the longer tenured characters. As great as Jumbo was in that scene, it would have been much more fulfilling for her to have that scene with Cary, or Diane, or somebody who knew Will and would have a deeper understanding of what Alicia was going through.

The fact that Jason and Alicia had their first big kiss and it barely registered is a testament to how powerful and busy this episode was. I would be sad to see this show go, but if every episode from here on out can hit like this one then I think we’ll be fine!