The Originals “A Ghost Along the Mississippi” Review (Season 3 Episode 10)

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On the latest episode of “The Originals,” and its first in the new timeslot on Fridays, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) dealt with the fallout of the situation with Camille (Leah Pipes), while the rest of the Originals plotted to get the Serratura back and how exactly to deal with Tristan (Oliver Ackland) and Aurora (Rebecca Breeds), in “A Ghost Along the Mississippi.”

Needless to say, Klaus flipped out big-time upon discovering Cami lying dead beside him, the morning after they at long last hooked up for the first time. Naturally, Aurora was to blame, but she hardly stopped at merely killing Cami, which would have been bad enough. No, she had other plans for her and Klaus, as it turned out Aurora had actually compelled Cami to drink some of her blood, then intentionally slit her own throat, forcing her- if not Klaus- to make a choice whether to become a vampire or not.

While this development wasn’t entirely unexpected, it was questionable as to whether Cami would want to go down that road or not- or if Klaus would even give her the choice, under the circumstances. In the end, he did, with Elijah’s urging, allow Cami to make the choice whether or not she fed on blood and came back as a vampire or not.

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After a considerable amount of soul-searching, Cami decided if she came back, she could still potentially do some good to make up for the pain caused by her family in the past, seeing it as a chance for redemption, rather than damnation.

However, even she worried as to whether or not she could control her heretofore unexplored dark side, which vampirism would be sure to bring to the forefront. Obviously, we’ll have to wait until next week to see how that all pans out, but expect the “Dark Cami” saga to begin in earnest with the next episode.

Meanwhile, Tristan was hell-bent on getting Vincent (Yusef Gatewood) to activate the Serratura, vowing to reunite him with Finn if he didn’t, and using the pendant to force him into action. Ultimately, Vincent succeeded in doing so, only to find himself double-crossed and held hostage, when Tristan refused to give him the pendant back.

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Hardly done there, Tristan also had Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jackson (Nathan Parsons) kidnapped as well, and their systems flooded with wolfsbane, to make it that much harder for them to fight back. But Tristan hadn’t forgotten how fiercely Hayley had come after him in previous episodes, and opted to go one step further- too far, in fact- by killing Jackson right before her horrified eyes, just after he declared how much he loved her. Needless to say, this did not go over well with Hayley, who would later get her revenge, and then some.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) was able to track down Vincent and assist his escape, with the two teaming up to seek out Tristan. Joining them, after trapping Cami in a magical circle for the meantime, is Klaus, though Freya would eventually free her, all the better to allow Cami to decide her own fate. Together, all concerned come up with a plot to force Tristan to give them Hayley back by kidnapping Aurora and forcing his hand.

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After Freya does a locator spell, Vincent stands in front of the vehicle that Aurora is being spirited away in, on Tristan’s orders, causing them to crash. Klaus then absconds with Aurora and they contact Tristan to arrange a trade: Aurora’s safe return for Hayley’s and the Serratura. But the Originals have a few tricks still up their sleeve yet.

Vincent and Freya do a spell which makes Cami appear to be Aurora to Tristan, so that, after he returns Hayley to the others, he thinks that he sees his sister inside a freight car. Once inside, however, Cami activates the returned Serratura and leaves the car, trapping Tristan inside in the process.

It seems that Tristan’s own sister’s actions have been his own downfall, as Cami- having not yet committed to becoming a vampire as of yet- is caught between life and death, thus allowing her to remain unaffected by the Serratura’s powers.

Therefore, the Originals were able to use this to their advantage by duping Tristan into getting into the freight car, after which they informed him they would be sealing it and dumping him in the ocean in an undisclosed location- even to them- much as Aurora did to their sister Rebecca.

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Naturally, Tristan tried to fight this by ordering his followers to kill them all, but Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) persuades Aya (Tracy Ifeachor), the ringleader of Tristan’s back-up team, that it might not be the wisest course of action, under the circumstances. Elijah also points out that, though they might do grievous harm to them, it would be at the expense of most- if not all- of their lives, and still wouldn’t change the outcome.

Much to Tristan’s chagrin, they all stand down, leaving him completely defenseless, and his fate literally sealed, as Hayley shuts the door, making sure hers is the last face he sees for what Tristan did to her. Hell hath no fury! Afterwards, Elijah and Marcel talk, where the latter confirms what he suspected, that Marcel was faking his loyalty to Tristan in order to help them out from within.

The whole affair was only shrouded by the fact that, as Freya was doing a spell to fool Tristan, someone- likely Lucien (Andrew Lees) – was able to abscond with Aurora right under their noses, freeing her to cause more mischief on down the line. Of course, if they hadn’t, we would have been left without a Big Bad to root against for the rest of the season, not to mention denied both Klaus and Cami alike of getting their proper revenge against her later on. Expect that to happen sooner than later, likely before the end of the season.

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We end with Jackson being given his final send-off, in a Viking-style funeral attended by his wolf pack, Hayley, and, somewhat surprisingly, Elijah. I mean, I get that he would want to be there for Hayley, certainly, after her loss. I’m just shocked that the rest of the wolves would allow it, what with Jackson’s death being, however inadvertently, the Originals’ fault, more or less.

All in all, this was a solid mid-season premiere that set the stage for a humdinger of a showdown between the Originals and Tristan that was quite satisfying resolved, while leaving the door open for more to come with Aurora, who will no doubt want to avenge her fallen brother, likely with an assist from Lucien.

Loved the twist involving Cami, and how she was able to help out, even as she struggled with her next move. Looking forward to seeing how Cami handles the vampire life, and how actress Leah Pipes will get a chance to cut loose with a decidedly different side of the character.

For my money, “The Originals” continues to fire on all cylinders, not being afraid to take some chances, while “The Vampire Diaries” premiere suffered a bit from treading water somewhat, as it dealt with the fact that its main characters were basically sidelined for pretty much the entire episode.

Hopefully, with that situation resolved, the latter will get back on track in the future, as both shows head into an uncertain future, given the new timeslot. Fingers crossed that all will turn out well in the end.

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What did you think of “The Originals” this week? Were you surprised that Klaus was able to control himself and back off Cami just enough to allow her to make her own choice about becoming a vampire, in spite of his feelings for her? Not to mention the fact that he was able to restrain himself from outright killing Aurora in order to achieve a mutual end for the benefit of his family for once? Is he finally maturing a bit after all this time? Will he be able to use this newfound control to guide Cami in the right direction as a vampire, or will his baser tendencies get the better of him yet again?

Will the “truce” between Tristan’s team and the Originals last? Or will they side with Aurora to avenge him? Is Marcel really on Elijah’s side, or was Marcel just telling Elijah what he thought he wanted to hear? Will Hayley and Elijah drift back together with Jackson gone? What will become of the witches, with Tristan gone? Will Vincent resume control, or will someone else move in on his Regency? Where’s Davina and what is she up to? Sound off on these questions and more down below, and see you next week!