Supernatural “Into the Mystic” Review (Season 11, Episode 11)

Supernatural Dark Dynasty Season 10 Episode 21 (2)

One of the primary reasons I started watching Supernatural was my interest in folklore and urban legends. I’ve never really believed in much of it, but it’s always been an interesting area of study. As Supernatural’s mythology began to take on a life of its own, the show kind of got away from the traditional folklore and urban legends that formed the basis of the first couple seasons. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I must admit that I kind of missed the old MOTW (monster of the week, for the uninitiated) episodes. The best MOTW episodes kind of step away from the overall mythology without completely ignoring the main season-long story arc. This season has given us some pretty good MOTW episodes including this one. I don’t recall the show having ever dealt with banshees before, so it was pretty cool having the Boys deal with a new monster. Dealing with the banshee led to some interesting revelations about our Boys and also introduced a couple of new characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed both Mildred and Eileen. Mildred was pretty much a milder version of Blanche Devereaux which meant she was throwing innuendo at Dean left and right. It also provided some of the episodes more chuckle-worthy moments. Eileen was a hunter whose backstory seemed to parallel Sam’s quite a bit. She lost her family when she was an infant and pretty much grew up in the hunting life. She was on a quest for revenge but also had pretty much settled into the only life she’d ever known. In a rather surprising turn of events, Eileen also happened to be deaf. Not that it slowed her down very much at all. She was a strong, capable hunter, and with a little help from Mildred, she saved Dean from the banshee. Eileen and Sam were able to bond over the common elements of their past, and it looks like Sam may have finally made himself a friend. I wouldn’t mind seeing Mildred again because she was a total sweetheart, and I sincerely hope we run into Eileen again somewhere down the road. Over the last few seasons, Supernatural has done a pretty thorough job of cleaning out all the supporting characters from the Winchesters’ universe. That’s not a good thing because, as this episode so clearly pointed out, we learn more about Sam and Dean through their interactions with other people. The fact that Sam and Eileen bonded so easily and so quickly allowed Sam to open up a little bit about the guilt that been eating away at him. Dean’s quiet moment with Mildred allowed him to admit that there’s a bit more to life than he’s permitted himself to enjoy. Plus, Sam and Dean are just more interesting characters when they have other characters to play off. I am hoping against hope that these are the first steps down the road of repopulating the Winchester universe with interesting regular supporting characters because God knows the Winchesters could use a few more allies.

In an interesting bit of reversal, Sam took on the role usually reserved for Dean as Sam was weighed down by guilt. Lucifer’s taunts about the year Dean spent in Purgatory haunted Sam’s dreams, and Sam was too ashamed of himself to talk to Dean about it. I like to pretend that whole Sam not looking for Dean AT ALL while Dean was in Purgatory part of season eight doesn’t exist because it was so out of character for Sam. Therefore, I was pretty disappointed at Sam’s response during last week’s episode when Lucifer brought up Sam’s time with Amelia. I wasn’t so much disappointed that the show brought that up again. I was disappointed that Sam tried to use that same lame excuse about why he didn’t look for Dean. It seems like the show has finally decided to admit that they screwed up back in season eight and they’re trying to fix it now. To that end, Sam finally apologized to Dean for not looking for him and admitted that the guilt of that decision has been eating him up. Of course, the apology is three years late but better late than never I suppose. Then Dean did what Dean always does: loved Sam anyway. This is an apology that Dean needed three years ago, but so much has happened between them since then, it is truly just water under the bridge for Dean now. Dean let Sam apologize because Sam needed to, but I believe Dean when he says that he forgave Sam for that a long time ago. However, if things keep progressing the way they have been, Dean is going to owe Sam an apology pretty soon.

It’s long past time for Dean to have told Sam about his connection/attraction/compulsion to Amara. Admittedly, there’s not very much they can do about it at this point because they don’t even really understand exactly what it is yet. For my part, I’m not too keen on Dean “pining” for Amara so I’m hoping that’s all just a part of Dean’s confusion about what’s going on between them. But the fact of the matter is, Dean knows something is there and that it’s affecting his ability to do his job which means he should’ve told Sam already. The primary issue that has plagued Sam and Dean’s relationship since season four is the fact that one of them thinks they’re protecting the other one by keeping information from them. The problem with that line of thinking is that it never works out well for them when they keep secrets from each other. NEVER. Half truths and lies of omission have caused Sam and Dean to not only strain their relationship almost to the point of breaking, but its also caused them to make decisions that have negatively impacted the entire world. You would think that by now they would’ve learned from their mistakes. For whatever reason, Dean is convinced that not only should he bear the weight of the entire world on his shoulders, but he should bear that weight alone. Even though that’s exactly what causes him to get so frustrated and angry with Sam all the time. All of that is a problem because apparently Dean’s “issue” with Amara has made him vulnerable on a level that other monsters can sense. Dean was already pretty worried about the hold Amara has over him, but now he’s downright scared. Refusing to ask for help until it’s almost too late is Dean Winchester’s MO, but the longer he waits, the higher the likelihood of it causing friction between him and Sam. Honestly, I would rather avoid that. The Boys are just beginning to get their relationship back on track after nearly five years of it being on the rocks, and keeping this a secret isn’t going to help them on the road to recovery and reconciliation. On the positive side, Dean finally admitted to “Cas” that he’s scared about this THING between him and Amara. It’s at least a step in the right direction for Dean to tell someone what happened between him and Amara. Now if he would just have that conversation with Sam, we would be cooking with gas.

All in all, I give this episode a solid thumbs up. Robbie Thompson wrote yet another awesome female character that I hope gets to play in the Winchesters’ world for a while. Casifer is also pretty much creepy. I don’t know what he was looking for in the bunker, but I doubt it was anything to do with stopping Amara. I also have no doubt that Lucifer is going to use the information he got from Dean to mess with the Boys later on down the road. Lucifer did do a pretty solid job of imitating Cas though, and I’m just wondering how long it’s going to take for the Boys to figure out the truth. As if they don’t already have enough to deal with. Also, we just have to take a moment to appreciate the fact that Sam has a memory box that contains the Samulet from the 200th episode. When he put the retirement brochure in his box, I kind of just wanted to hug Sam in that moment. Next week’s episode marks the return of Sheriff Mills and her house of misfits. Could be interesting. So what did y’all think of this week’s Supernatural?