The 100 “Wanheda, Part 2” Review (Season 3 Episode 2)

The 100 expanded its world yet again tonight, introducing several more new characters and giving a better sense of what our various characters will be focused on in the foreseeable future. This of course meant the introduction of even more conflict and complexity to our story, with “Wanheda, Part 2” suggesting that peace is every bit the illusion it seemed in the premiere.

One thing I’ve always appreciated about The 100 is that it’s not afraid to limit the roles of its major characters in a given episode, if not leave them out completely. So, while we spent time bouncing all over our cast last week, this episode focused in on a select few characters and storylines.

First and foremost, we got a better idea of just how far off the reservation Jaha is at this point. His semi-spiritual quest from last season has turned into fanatical devotion to Alie and the City of Light. At this point, it’s clear that Alie has some ability to warp the way Jaha and his followers see the world, but the extent of her powers remain a mystery. Ideally, Murphy and Emori will find someone to warn about what Jaha is up to, but it seems Alie has more in store for the two fugitives.

Back on the mainland, Clarke found herself a captive of Roan, a member of the Ice Nation who was clearly at odds with his own people. As it turns out, he owes some sort of debt to Lexa, who Clarke is understandably upset to see given her betrayal at Mount Weather. This reunion couldn’t come soon enough for my taste, as Clarke and Lexa developed one of the show’s most complex relationships last season. I’m excited to see the two deal with the fallout of last season’s events next week.

Another pleasant surprise of this season is Monty’s expanded role. It feels like a natural expansion of his development in season two, allowing him to stand apart as more than just Jasper’s best friend. Here, he had the greatest personal connection to the new group of Ark survivors discovered in Ice Nation territory, reuniting with his mother and learning the sad fate of his father.

This new group of Arkers will no doubt inject a great deal of conflict to Arkadia, with this group very much of the mindset that the only good grounder is a dead grounder. It also explains why the Ice Nation would still be so hostile towards the other tribes, given that they’ve had to deal with a violent group of sky people that seem to have no regard for Lexa’s call for peace.

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