Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot, Part 2” Review (Season 1 Episode 2)

Legends of Tomorrow wrapped up its two-part pilot this week, bringing even more chaos to the timeline as our heroes mucked about in the mid-70s. With the introductions out of the way, this episode was able to jump right into the action, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. Overall, it made for a solid improvement, though the ending fell surprisingly flat.

Starting at the end, are we to take it that Hawkman is officially dead, or are we to expect some sort of time-travel shenanigans that will keep him in the loop? At the very least, this Carter and Kendra were supposed to be together, so it would seem weird to bring in another version of him as an official part of the team. That said, his death barely registered as an event, with only Kendra seeming all that bothered by it (and Cold I guess, but that seemed more out of honor than anything).

However that plays out, the rest of the episode did a great job of better fleshing out our team, allowing them to interact and work together in a real way. Highlights include Jackson and Sara gleefully picking on Stein over his past self, as well as the bonding scene between Snart and Ray. The show was able to give us a fun, if brief, appearance by Damien Darhk, as dastardly and youthful as ever several decades earlier.

We also got several exciting action scenes this week, delivering on the show’s promise to serve up blockbuster excitement on a weekly basis. Still, given how many of our heroes’ abilities boil down to “shoot an energy laser at things,” I hope the show can continue to deliver creative moments like Firestorm absorbing a nuclear blast or the Atom’s shrinking antics. At the very least, we can count on some solid choreography with Sara’s melee combat.

The Legend Rankings

Starting this week, I’m going to take a look at our legends and see who comes out on top in each hero-stuffed episode. Top honors go to Stein this week; between his vicious arms dealer persona and his interactions with his past self, there was a lot of great material to help wash away the character’s negative scenes last week. By way of Wentworth Miller’s winning performance, Snart edges out Ray, though both benefitted from their bonding scene. Sara’s up next, her top-tier action scenes giving her the edge on fellow Stein heckler Jackson. Mick didn’t have much to do tonight, but Heat Wave’s madness is always good for a laugh. As for the Hawks, well, the death of Carter will likely ripple into next week, but there was little to go on here. Finally, other than some naysaying, Rip Hunter barely put in an appearance tonight.