The Fosters “First Impressions” Review (Season 3, Episode 10) [Mid-Season Premiere]

The Fosters First Impressions

The Fosters returned to FreeForm (the former home of ABC Family) with its mid-season premiere last night, picking up not that long after the events of the summer finale back in August.

We, of course, got to see Brandon performing his winning composition at Walt Disney Hall with his very proud family all looking on. Although for Callie it had to be a bittersweet moment because now that she is an official member of the Adams-Foster family, her love affair with Brandon is not only off-limits but also something they will need to keep secret.

But if the ending scene is any example of what is to come – there was an online post asking Callie if she had sex with her newly adopted brother – the two teens are going to have nothing but trouble coming their way.

This was also the first episode that fans/viewers of the show got to see actor Noah Centineo fully take over the role of Jesus Adams Foster; and truth be told, I wasn’t all that impressed. Jesus has always that character, at least for me, who has rubbed me the wrong way most of the time. I’m sure that’s the whole point of his character, though. What do you think about the “new” Jesus?

And how about the reveal that Lexi – Jesus’s former girlfriend and Mariana’s best friend – the girl who was forced to move to Honduras because her parents were revealed to be illegally living in the United States – is now back because she and her parents got their Visas.

This isn’t going to make things awkward at all for Jesus – he’s got one too many ex-girlfriends prowling around the halls of Anchor Beach – and then there is the head-to-head competition that is going to quickly come down the pike between Mariana and Lexi as they are going to be running against each other for Junior Class President. Let the claws come out!

Then there is the stunning news that Stef has Stage 0 cancer. After being told by her insurance company that her second mammogram would not be covered, Stef’s mom Sharon stepped up to get her daughter a second second opinion. And if not for that double second opinion, Stef’s condition could have gone undetected for quite some time. Not a good thing for someone who is so very important to her ever growing and changing family.

There is always a lot of drama in every episode of ‘The Fosters’ and the above is just a small sample of what happened in last night’s episode. Here are some other key moments:

• Callie was approached by a foster advocate offering big money to help with her newly created Fost and Found app; but there is definitely more to Justina Marks than meets the eye. What is this woman trying to do?
• Brandon has been offered a place in the last call back to Julliard after his Walt Disney Hall performance, but given how expense the school is, he is freaking out about how the family could pay for him to attend there. On the other hand, though, he just might have found himself a paying gig at the local restaurant that recently fired their continually drunk Happy Hour piano player (convenient, no?!)
• AJ’s brother Ty has learned that the cops are getting closer to him as the perpetrator behind the auto accident involving Mariana, Jesus and their biological mother Ana; and it seemed that AJ and Ty were going on the run together.
• Sharon (Stef’s mom) has herself a new, younger boyfriend, who is very anti-government and anti-police – that’s not going to make an already tense situation in the house any easier, that’s for sure.

What did you think of the mid-season premiere of the show? Please share your thoughts below; and remember that the next episode of the third season of ‘The Fosters’ will air on FreeForm on Monday, February 1 at 8/7c.

Teri Polo as Stef
Sherri Saum as Lena
Maia Mitchell as Callie
David Lambert as Brandon
Cierra Ramirez as Mariana
Noah Centineo as Jesus
Hayden Byerly as Jude
Danny Nucci as Mike Foster

Guest stars:
Annie Potts as Sharon Elkin
Kelli Williams as Justina Marks
Gavin MacIntosh as Connor Stevens
Annika Marks as Monte Porter
Tom Williamson as AJ Hensdale
Chris Bruno as Adam Stevens
Chris Warren as Ty Hensdale
Bianca Santos as Lexi Rivera
Amanda Leighton as Emma
Denyse Tontz as Cortney
Tanner Buchanan as Jack Downey
Rob Morrow as Will
David Reivers as Norman
Mandy June Turpin as Dr. Kopak