Shameless “The F Word” Recap (Season 6 Episode 3)

When this season of Shameless wraps, I hope that the F-Word will represent a much-needed turning point for several characters who have been the subject of extremely frustrating writing decisions this season. Keeping in line with Gus’s inspired, cathartic song, the F-Word, let’s get into the latest with the Gallagher family . . .

F Is For Fault
I barely survived the writers decision to break up Kev and V temporarily last season. In fact, the only way I’ve really managed to move on is to try my hardest to forget about V tracking down an ex on Facebook and Kev having sex with college co-eds in Lip’s dorm room. In a season that did so well with tackling Ian’s bipolar diagnosis, it was disappointing to see the writers come up short in their depiction of V’s postpartum depression.

That aside, I was happy to see the couple reunited and both fully immersed in being parents. In the first few episodes of the season, we saw the perfect balance of Kev and V as parents, Gallagher family friends and lovers of exotic lingerie. Unfortunately, the couple has been saddled with the gentrification storyline with three of the least likable characters currently on the show – Yannis, Lisa and Lisa. The writers further entrenched the couple in this not-so entertaining triangle of bickering neighbors when Kev mistakenly cut the break cord on Yannis’s motorcycle.

We love Kev because of his big heart, so his inability to keep his trap shut about his responsibility for Yannis’s paralysis is definitely true to character. However, in a season where literally every other character is involved in their own personal sh!t show, it would be so nice if Kev and V had a little stability. Had the writers chosen to kill Yannis, I suspect we would be in no better position – although I would not mind having Yannis and his gender/racial slurs off the show. Kev would then have the weight of of someone’s death to carry and that kind of guilt would likely destroy him. I would be totally fine if the writers decided to magically drop Kev’s guilt, but it seems as though he, along with V, will continue to be a driving force in the gentrification subplot. Ugh.

F Is For Family (Dynamics)
This week’s episode also focused on family dynamics, specifically the relationships between Lip/Ian and Debbie/Frank.

Debbie and Frank’s respective storylines have been my least favorite of the season. Pairing them together so that we could hear Frank share tales of how he forced his wife into having kids was not an improvement.

Lip used his college connections to get Ian a janitorial position at his college. I was glad to see the drunken professor take Ian to task a bit for losing his desire to do more with his life. We’ve seen far too much of Ian’s potential to believe that janitorial work is a good fit for him. The dissatisfied look on his face as he glared at the sight of himself in the janitor’s jumpsuit and the heroic moment that ended with him gazing into the face of a really hot firefighter seem to indicate that Ian may be at a turning point. As much as I loved Ian and Mickey, I would fully support a new love interest, if it means that it will bring someone around to encourage Ian and help him find more direction. I’m also in favor of whatever will allay his misplaced anger towards Fiona. On an unrelated note, it was great to see Lip this week in a plot not centered on the sexy professor.

F Is For Felony
Like the storylines with Frank and Debbie, I have not cared for the direction taken with Carl this season. Although Shameless is fiction and the writers have fun with exploring ridiculous extremes, the gun selling plot this week was just a bridge too far for me. As was the over the top scene with Debbie in the school bathroom.

On the other hand, Carl’s new love interest may represent a turning point for him that I would gladly welcome. I finally appreciated the irony of Carl trying to prove his “blackness” to a girl who, if we’re being perfectly honest, looks like she could have a mixed heritage. Carl made a lot of assumptions about her, all of which we learned were wrong and I really liked that. I’m all for Carl putting down the guns and picking up a few books for love. I would also gladly welcome more scenes with the Dominique’s dad, his guns and his bat. Was that a badge I saw on Dominique’s dad?

F Is For Fiona
I’m never quite sure how I feel about the writing for Fiona, particularly after her downward slide a few seasons ago. Granted, I felt like she earned the right to make a few mistakes, as she has never had a childhood in which she could screw up occasionally because she was a mother figure to her brothers, sister and, at times, her parents.

The F-Word was a good episode for Fiona, who took a lot of crap from Gus, Debbie and Frank. What I love most about Fiona is that she owns when she deserves the crap she gets, as she did when she reflected on Gus and his amazing song. The bar scene with V, the band, the song and onlookers glaring at Fiona for a reaction was such a great, classic Shameless moment.

Given my unending frustration with Debbie, I was happy to hear Fiona finally lay down some harsh truths. Of course, based on the eviction notice we saw at the end of the episode, all of the Gallaghers may be without a home soon.

Although I do not care for the Sean/Fiona relationship, I liked the writing for both characters as Fiona grappled the difficult task of telling him she was pregnant and that he had no right to tell her what to do with her body. Emmy Rossum was spectacular this week. If the Gallaghers manage to avoid being evicted, I would really love for Fiona to make good on her words to Debbie, but it’s hard to believe that the others would allow Fiona to kick Debbie out or that Fiona would even be able to go through with it herself. We’ve kinda been down this road before with Fiona and Lip, but I’m curious to see how far Debbie’s resolve really goes.

Gallagher Of The Week
Frank – Although I am not a fan of anything the writers are doing with Frank this season, I must give him the nod for the following exchange:

Nurse to Fiona: Is there a husband or a boyfriend?
Frank (before Fiona can respond): She has both!


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