Shadowhunters “Dead Man’s Party” Review (Season 1 Episode 3)

In taking notes for this episode of Shadowhunters, the first thing I typed was “weirdly erotic undertones”. By about halfway through the episode, I found that I had little else to say. And while things picked up a bit in the back half of “Dead Man’s Party,” it doesn’t change the fact that this episode is overstuffed with sexually-charged filler that made this seem like a lost, supernatural-themed episode of MTV’s Undressed.

Seriously, the early part of this episode was nothing but back-to-back scenes of heavy petting. From Clary and Jace’s erotically-charged sword-training scene, to the vampire’s constant necking with Simon, to Isabelle sleeping with a fairy creature for information, this episode had an uncomfortable amount of sexual content for seemingly no other reason than to have it.

It doesn’t help that Clary’s competence level once again fluctuated wildly this week. Gone was last week’s uber-confident shadowhunter-in-training; instead, Clary was back to knowing next to nothing and making googly eyes with Jace. By far the worst scene was Clary’s near-seduction by a vampire, with Jace allowing her to be victimized just to steal the vampire’s magic motorcycle. Similarly, Simon was more or less turned into a sexual victim for the majority of the hour, the vampire bite leaving him in a drugged-up, euphoric state for the entire hour.

Sadly, once the action did get going, there still wasn’t much to get excited about. There wasn’t a lot to get excited about in the shadowhunter assault on the vampire fortress, as the vampire enemies barely had an identity to connect to. Really, they just seemed like shadowhunters by another name, another group of sexually-charged supernatural creatures. Finally, following up on last week’s comparison to the Buffyverse, Shadowhunters somehow has worse vampire dusting effects than shows from over a decade ago.

Ultimately, this week’s episode just felt like filler, a roadblock adventure that had little to do with the threat of the Circle or the Mortal Cup. Hopefully, next week’s episode will get things back on track. At the very least, here’s hoping it will tone down the ridiculous amount of sexual content that bordered on the parodic here.

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