Scorpion “Da Bomb” Review (Season 2 Episode 15)


Worst date ever. After last week’s speed dating debacle, you might have thought that Walter’s dates couldn’t get much worse. Well, on the latest episode of “Scorpion,” we saw just how much worse they could be, in the amusingly-titled “Da Bomb.” Not exactly helping matters was a new case with ties that hit close to home, literally and figuratively.

At first, it seemed like Walter had the mother of all second chances, when the lovely Linda (Brooke Nevin, “CSI,” who I spent the entire episode thinking must be Rayanne from “My So-Called Life,” which she was not), the woman in charge of the speed dating session that Walter and Cabe both spectacularly tanked last week, gave Walter a call to set up a date for themselves.

Seemingly as charmingly dorky as Walter himself, the date, while still awkward, seemed to be at least evenly matched in terms of equal-opportunity discomfort on both sides. However, as Walter would later discover, looks can be deceiving. Just as Cabe walked in with a new case involving the team helping NASA to fix a glitch in a rocket that was scheduled to launch that day, so did Linda pay Walter a visit around the same time- only this was no social call.

Instead, much to everyone’s horror, Linda came bearing not gifts or the desire for a second date, but rather, a bomb strapped to her chest, courtesy of an unknown lunatic that wanted to sabotage said rocket launch for good. Either the team stopped the launch, or the bomber would kill Linda and anyone with the misfortune to be in the general vicinity.

Scorpion 3

In this case, we had Sly, Happy, and Cabe on site at the rocket launch, intending to fix the problem, while Walter, Paige, and Toby actively tried to figure out a way to defuse the bomb, while at the same time, as a failsafe, figure out how to stop the rocket launch after the on site team had already fixed it. Talk about a counterproductive mission!

As it turned out, there was a reason for that, and it was none other than former handler Merrick (David Fabrizio, reprising his role), who had been consistently demoted ever since his falling out with the team, thanks in no small part to Cabe having bad-mouthed him, not without good reason, to his superiors.

Having resorted to working in cahoots with Beijing now as a double agent of sorts, Merrick had found himself between a rock and a hard place, as they had tasked him with stopping the rocket launch by any means necessary. Seeing this as a golden opportunity to bring down the team that had essentially been the bane of his existence, he had set things into motion with the bomb, mistakenly thinking that Linda was Walter’s actual girlfriend, rather than a glorified acquaintance at best.

Scorpion 2

Fortunately for Linda, Walter was indeed one of the good ones, in spite of the fact that she eventually went off on him as being a truly terrible date that she had no intention of ever seeing again. So much for a love connection there. Of course, as ‘shippers no doubt are aware, Walter and Paige are the real endgame here, so it’s just as well, I suppose.

Regardless, as Happy sought to undo the work she did, Walter and Toby scrambled to come up with a solution to stopping the bomb from killing Linda. Ultimately, the solution they came up with involved putting Linda inside a makeshift Plexiglas box and filling it with a gel that, along with a metal guard to shield Linda from the bomb, would hopefully take the brunt of the explosion, if there was one, and save her life.

Fortunately, Toby put two and two together and figured out that the would-be bomber was Merrick himself while everyone concerned was still on site. This allowed Cabe the opportunity to take Merrick down, which he did, albeit by the skin of his neck, thanks to some new-fangled shoes he had bought after getting chided for his old-school style at the speed dating disaster.

Scorpion 5

Whatever the case, Merrick won’t be causing any more trouble from here on out, as he plummeted to his death after Cabe tossed him over a guard rail at the site of the rocket launch. That taken care of, Happy finished fixing the glitch she’d already fixed and undone once again and the group hightailed it out of there just in time not to get flambéed by the flare of the rocket launch, which ultimately went off without a hitch.

Unfortunately, so did the bomb, which was set off by the heat from said launch, and promptly began ticking down, just as Walter was about to remove it. Left with no choice but to see if his admittedly half-baked plan to absorb the impact of the explosion worked, Walter finished what he was doing and even went so far as to get into the tank with Linda, much to the horror of everyone concerned.

Thankfully, all was well that ended well, as the plan worked, with both Walter and Linda emerging relatively unscathed. Be that as it may, alas there was no second date in Walter’s future, as Linda, while apologetic for the nasty things she’d said to Walter earlier, was nonetheless not the least bit interested in giving Walter a second chance, even after he had saved her life. So much for doing the right thing!

Not that I blame her, necessarily, to be fair. After all, what had seemingly just been a bad idea gone worse had nearly cost poor Linda her life in the process. I think it’s safe to say that she won’t be going on any more out-of-left-field blind dates ever again. Hell, she might not be going on any dates, period, for some time after that whole experience. I hope her cats are well fed!

Scorpion 7

This was another fun episode, punctuated by- ahem- blasts of strategically-placed humor here and there, notably the hopelessly awkward date at the beginning, and the decidedly even more awkward follow-up. The armchair assist from Toby and the delayed texts were all good fun, and I liked Paige’s reaction to Walter’s whole dating situation. Nice ensemble work all around, from everyone concerned, in fact.

As per usual, not sure how valid Walter’s method of saving himself and Linda from the bomb explosion would be IRL, but given that the alternative would have been that they both died, I can live with it. Besides, it also led to the cute resolution of Walter and Ralph bonding over making action figure-type animals out of the exploded gel afterwards. All in all, a fun, engaging episode that found the show in the zone once again.

Scorpion 6

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Did you enjoy Walter’s awkward date? Or were you cringing more than anything? Do you think he’ll be going on any more in the foreseeable future, or will he and Paige hook up sooner than later? Did you enjoy seeing Merrick again? Were you surprised to find out he was behind everything, or did you see it coming? Sound off on this and more down below and see you next episode!