NCIS: LA “Come Back” Review (Season 7, Episode 14)


I mentioned last week how “Angels and Daemons” is the type of NCIS:LA episode that never holds my attention. “Come Back” is the kind I not only love, but look forward to every week. Yes to everything on all counts. And while I wish the episode would have been a two-parter to expand on certain story threads, I can’t complain for what was given.

First off, I applaud the creators for the way the Kensi/Deeks relationship has been handled. I mention this frequently, and I’m going to again. While it doesn’t feel plausible that two people in their situation would be allowed to date, I’ll let it slide because this is television after all. Each step in their relationship has felt earned, not shoehorned in. A major part of that has been allowing the time for them to acknowledge their feelings, for the team to learn about them as a couple, to exchanging “I love yous,” to finally making that step of living together. And more importantly, no love triangles have been inserted to add conflict. While I’m not a fan of Talia’s interactions with Deeks sometimes, she never feels a threat to his relationship with Kensi. Bringing Jack into the picture could have added another block, but instead reinforced how Kensi and Deeks truly felt about one another; not to mention that Jack already had moved on. I had no doubt Kensi would. If anything my concern dealt more with any PTSD she would have suffered in the rescue of her former fiancée.

All of that being said, I still felt the original White Ghost arc ended on an incomplete note and had been waiting for the man himself to reappear. Kensi’s reintroduction to him was shock enough. Having that happen again after the dust had settled and she and Deeks were out as an actual couple? I knew that would create for an interesting situation. What made everything more poignant is that Kensi never doubted her feelings for Deeks once in seeing Jack again. And Deeks never felt the need to ask. Instead he urged her to resolve whatever emotional attachments remained from her experience in Afghanistan. As an audience member I was thinking, “Am I watching a normal procedural? This rarely happens.” Normally the conflict comes from left-over buried feelings for a former partner. Smartly, the writers avoided that here and instead focused on the sense of guilt and regret that forms during these types of situations. And by allowing Kensi and Jack to meet once more, they were able to face that. It wasn’t about moving on from each other. It was about rectifying the way things were left. In doing so, the audience was given a more satisfying conclusion to the White Ghost arc while being privy to another important milestone in the relationship of two characters we’re invested in.

More Thoughts As I Find A Random Building to Buy

– This is now the second time this season Kensi has mentioned to Hetty her displeasure of the latter withholding information. Personally, I would love to see an arc exploring this. I know Callen has felt that frustration before but his connection with Hetty runs deeper than Kensi’s which makes me believe he’s more inclined to deal with it (especially considering how she turned his life around). Kensi would be the perfect agent to ignite a conversation though. Everything she’s gone through involving her father, her mother, Jack, and Deeks makes her the perfect person to hate being subjected to bullshit (and let’s be honest, Hetty is the queen of bullshitting people).

– I give the writers credit in mentioning the coincidence of Jack being in LA the same day Kensi and Deeks decide to move in together.

– The idea that historic antiquities would be sold to finance terrorism makes my blood boil.

– Damn, Matthew Del Negro really has that Superman-ish look down.

– Hetty’s small desk is so cute.

– “I’m going to talk to Granger about my feelings.” For some reason that line by Deeks made me laugh out loud (along with his “Granger Danger” remark).