The 100 “Wanheda Part 1” Review (Season 3 Episode 1)

From the beginning, The 100 has been a surprisingly ambitious show, one that hasn’t been afraid to continue building out its post-apocalyptic world. It’s also not afraid of putting its characters through some major trials and crushing defeats, even in victorious moments. As season three opens, we find that the show is as ambitious and cruel as ever, with “Wanheda Part 1” throwing us right back into its complex, ever-growing world.

Right away, despite Clarke’s decision to leave Camp Jaha – now renamed Arkadia – to bear the burden for her people, it’s clear that those she left behind are as damaged as ever. For Raven, this means falling back on old habits and pushing away the people that care for her. For Kane and Abigail, it means doing all they can to maintain the illusion of peace for their people. And, for Lincoln, it comes down to trying to truly find his place among the sky people, now that he’s been fully expelled from his former tribe.

This proves hard given how different his and Octavia’s worldviews have become. Due to her childhood, Octavia’s always been the odd-woman out, even amongst her own people. Last season, she almost found a place as Indra’s second, only to lose it all in the finale. So, her cynical outlook is understandable, and whether she’ll be able to truly find her place again will serve as a solid arc this season.

More than anyone, though, it’s clear that Jasper’s suffering the most following the events at Mount Weather. It wasn’t just losing Maya, but dealing with the genocide committed against all of the people that supported the 48 while they were trapped. In a lot of ways, this feels like an inevitable outcome; Jasper started as the show’s goofiest, most carefree character, but last season saw him facing more and more violent atrocities. It’s hard to see just how broken he now is, to the point that his suicidal tendencies are becoming a threat to all of Arkadia.

Meanwhile, we caught up with Clarke, more transformed than ever, as she was struggling just to survive as a free woman. Grounder superstition has painted her as a master of death, which has painted a giant target on her back. It’s a rough enough situation to be in, never mind the fact that she’s still struggling with all she had to do and Lexa’s betrayal.

Finally, the unlikely pair of Murphy and Jaha were reunited, with Jaha now fully under the sway of the unhinged AI he first met in the second season finale. It’s hard to tell where this arc is going, but it definitely has the biggest air of mystery about it, and I’m curious to see what exactly Jaha and Alie have planned.

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