Teen Wolf “Codominance” Review (Season 5 Episode 13)

This week’s episode of Teen Wolf was basically divided between things I loved, i.e., ALL things Kira and things that I could have completely done without, i.e., literally everything else. Let’s get into it.

In his effort to reunite the band, Scott set out on the longest road trip ever with Stiles in pursuit of Kira. By the way, there is no character more resilient on this show than Stiles’s jeep.

The skin walkers put Kira through an initial “screening” to test her purposes. They realized that she was not afraid of them – she was actually afraid of herself because, as we know at home, Kira could not keep her foxiness under control. The skin walkers advised Kira that if she could not reign in her foxy side, she would be relegated to a lifetime of heat, sand and cool face paint. That prospect was understandably not ideal, as it does not appear as the skin walkers have a “friends and family” day and there’s the whole issue of her friends being stuck back in Beacon Hills all alone to grapple with a gang of Dread Walkers and awful Theo.

The plot with the skin walkers and Kira was by far the best part of the episode and I wish the Teen Wolf writers would trust the audience to have patience with an episode that took place in a single setting. For those of you who watch Agents of Shield, this could have totally been the equivalent of Gemma’s alien planet episode from this season. I would have been totally fine if this episode focused solely on Kira with a few intermittent moments of Scott and Stiles on the way to find her.

After some soul searching with Noshiko, Kira faces off with an extremely powerful Oni. I suspected that her receiving wounds during the battle when she hit the Oni was a test to see if the fox spirit would take over and indeed, it did. It was heart wrenching to see Kira so pleased with her defeat of the Oni, only to learn that she had not passed the test and a lifetime of desert living among the skin walkers awaited her. Noshiko was not having it, which came as a relief because she initially seemed okay with the prospect of Kira staying with the skin walkers forever if it meant staying alive. Prospect versus reality, however, is quite different and Noshiko was NOT going to leave her daughter behind. I was holding my breath during the initial moments of the confrontation. I knew that Scott and Stiles would finally arrive to lend a much needed hand, but I was not confident that Noshiko would not get killed or harmed – years of watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer left me with no confidence in the longevity of parents on shows like this.

Although Kira and Noshiko escaped the skin walkers, this is clearly not a settled matter.

Liam finally managed to separate himself from Hayden and found time to have a chat with his were-daddy, Scott. Their conversation pretty much summed up what could the theme for this season – “it was Theo.” I am SO tired of hearing “it was Theo.”

Despite knowing that everything, including my enjoyment of this season, is Theo’s fault everyone is still acting as though someone or something else is to blame. Scott understood that Theo was to blame for Liam’s violent confrontation, but he was not exactly ready to accept help from his beta in the reunion effort. Leave it to Uncle Stiles to point out that: (1) you cannot reunite the band without your drummer and (2) Scott has been a pretty horrible, rude, violent and unpredictable person on the full moon without any manipulations by Theo or someone else.

Not to beat a very dead horse, but it’s hard not to look back on Derek’s reign as an alpha for a little comparison. To be clear, I think Scott’s hesitation is absolutely justified. However, I am also reminded of how Derek responded when members of his pack threatened his life due to circumstances beyond their control. When Boyd and Cora escaped after basically being put on supernatural steroids, thanks to Deucalian and his moon deprivation, Derek worked to find them and stayed with them as they tore him to shreds in the basement of the high school. Following that, things went right back to normal with Boyd, Cora and Derek because there was an understanding that they were not in their right mind when they tried to kill him. Ironically, Scott actually helped Derek in that effort. It would have been a great call back to have Stiles bring that history up when he set Scott straight on Liam or for Scott to actually bring it up. Oh well. Wishful thinking.

– I am excited about Lydia’s jedi training, however, her scenes felt like an unnecessary break in the action in this week’s episode. The previews for next week look a little more promising for Lydia. Still NO mention of Peter Hale ever being an Eichen House resident. Also, where the hell is Valek?

– We now know my favorite alpha, Deucalian, has some implications for the Dread Doctor/Theo storyline. I have a preliminary question – is Duke blind again or was he referred to that because he left town without anyone knowing (other than Scott and Derek) that Darachifer healed his blindness? In the previews, it kinda looks like he’s still blind, so I’m super confused. Despite that confusion, I am SO excited to see Gideon E. in next week’s episode. Love that guy.

– Malia continues to rise on my list of Teen Wolf faves, thanks to her roughing Theo up. I would prefer for the Deaton/Desert Wolf plot to be separate from Theo’s nonsense.

– Thank you, Teen Wolf writers, for acknowledging what I felt was a reasonable, rational gripe about Scott’s behavior at Malia’s house last week. The “well what do you want or what did you expect” questions drive me crazy when I’m simply looking for things that make sense – not excuses for crap that literally makes no sense. Scott had a sense of what was going on with Malia and he logically used his supernatural abilities to deduce Braeden’s presence and Malia’s anger. THANK YOU!!!

– On that same note, I got a good eye roll and laugh at Scott telling Stiles he understood the basics of self defense. Of course Scott did. I thought Stiles gave a helpful, reasonable explanation for why he did not have more faith in Scott. My only gripe, which is the same one I have from last week’s episode, is that this is a conversation that should have taken place in 5A. It’s a minor gripe, however.

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The award goes to the special effects team responsible for the scene when Stiles and Scott were supposed to be outside at night looking at the area where Kira was located. It’s not exactly “dumb sh!t,” but those special effects were so bad that I could do nothing but laugh at them. Don’t feel bad Teen Wolf FX team, you’re not the only show with this issue. I’m looking at you, Grey’s Anatomy. To the credit of the show’s FX team, I must admit that the effects for Kira and her fox are amazing and among my favorite on the show.

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