NCIS: LA “Angels and Daemons” Review (Season 7, Episode 13)


This was one of those NCIS:LA outings I just could not get into. The plots surrounding technology are always my least favorite, “Angels and Daemons” being no exception. The flimsiest thread always links the case to NCIS (in this instance a murdered venture capitalist who was former Navy and also involved with the NSA), with the story then being subjected to finding the piece of stolen technology (or weapon) before it causes chaos blah blah. The most recent episode involving a similar situation was last fall’s “Unspoken.” What that story had going for it however was the introduction of Sam’s former partner, Mark Ruiz, and the baggage his appearance brought with him. And as I’ve said over and over again, any time there is some semblance of a personal connection with one of the team members to the case at hand, the better. That doesn’t mean random acquaintances of the past have to pop up either. It can be something as simple as Sam and Callen speaking to the witness who was a homeless veteran, which of course gave Sam a different reaction than speaking to a regular Joe Schmoe. “Angels and Daemons” almost got there with the reveal of the Mossad agent (that scene with Sam being the strongest of the episode), yet still fell short. Let’s just say I’m aching to see what happens next week with Kensi/Deeks and the reappearance of Jack, something I have been waiting for since the end of the White Ghost arc.

More Thoughts As I Save For My Own Hoverboard

– The most interesting tidbit to come from this outing was the knowledge that Callen and Joelle did indeed break up. While I’m sad to see her go, the imminent return of delving into Callen’s past probably makes that for the best. Any major qualms that causes will be more impactful on his relationship with the team than her.

– “But Hetty… they have a slide.” Eric Beale with the most important thing uttered the whole hour. And while I did find the final shootout on the anticlimactic side, the sight of Chopra sliding down dead was quite hilarious.