Supergirl “Childish Things” Review (Season 1 Episode 10)


More than any other character on Supergirl, Winn has been the most in need of development. Up until now, his only real function has been to harbor secret feelings for Kara, ones that have made him seem a bit desperate and sad at times. With “Childish Things,” the show took a deep dive into Winn’s damaged psyche, giving an explanation for his stunted emotions in a surprisingly effective episode.

Put simply, Winn had an unfortunately messed-up childhood. His father is actually the supervillain Toyman, a toy designer who lost his mind and committed murder following the theft of his designs. On the surface, Toyman is a pretty ridiculous villain, but the show did a good job of selling how unhinged he was. And really, the murderous toys he had were fairly impressive, particularly his ridiculous-yet-awesome bladed yo-yo.

More importantly, the focus fell squarely on Winn as he struggled with not only the news of his father’s escape, but the inadequacies he’s felt his entire life. As a kid, he always felt like his father’s son, so seeing what happened to his dad left him worried he would inevitably go down a similar path. As such, he became someone too afraid of his own emotions to ever properly deal with them. Instead, he kept things bottled up, including his feelings about Kara.

This led to the big moment of the episode, with Winn first kissing Kara and then admitting that he loved her. In the moment, I liked the scene, but ultimately, it’s going to be up to future episodes to really flesh this out. Winn says he needs to start confronting and dealing with his feelings, which makes his admission a good one. However, he needs to truly follow through and hopefully come to terms with the fact that Kara doesn’t feel that way about her. Otherwise, the show will take what little development it’s given its weakest character and squander it.

Meanwhile, Cat’s offer of a job to Lucy left James weirdly distant, never able to be as excited for her as she felt he should. Really, this whole plotline felt like a distraction, with James just needing to toughen up and explain to Lucy how he felt about working so closely to her. Hopefully, it won’t be a major issue going forward, as the show’s yet to give much reason to invest in their relationship. There was also some more intrigue with Maxwell Lord, though the only big takeaway was his discovering Supergirl’s identity at the very end.

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