The Good Wife “Iowa” Review (Season 7 Episode 11)

The Good Wife  Iowa

Wow, that was intense!

It was very appropriate that “Iowa” aired on the same night as the Golden Globes, where greatness in acting was (arguably) being honored, but The Good Wife only had one nomination for Alan Cumming. It was almost as if Alicia was not only angry at Eli, but Margulies herself was mad for not getting nominated! I definitely think that will change next year, though, seeing as how she can submit this incredible scene for consideration.

Man, that was so great. I mean, this was a scene six years in the making! How many shows can say that they can bring up an old storyline almost six years later and have it pack that strong of an emotional punch? Not only was it a huge moment for Alicia and Eli, who had settled into a great relationship recently, but it was an incredibly powerful moment for Alicia herself. We’ve seen Alicia get mad a few times on this show, but nothing like that! It was hilarious seeing her pick through the china to decide which plates she was fine with breaking, which was a perfectly calculated and very Alicia-ish thing to do.

After such a loud and powerful opening scene, Alicia took a much different approach to the rest of the episode. She quietly and submissively joined her family on a bus tour of Iowa, which reintroduced us to Graham Phillips as Zach and David Krumholtz as Josh!

As happy as I am to see them, It’s hard not to feel like we’re retreading old ground with Peter’s campaign. Alicia’s campaign also featured Josh and Eli arguing with a campaign manager, so now we’ve just switched out Alicia’s hunky manager with Ruth. Even with the similarities, it was fun seeing the mayhem of the Caucus and all of the funny quirks of trying to shoot for “The Full Grassley”.

It turns out the victory at the Caucus wasn’t enough, as Peter loses the votes in Iowa. Now, I’m not an expert in the political system, but is Peter now out of the running permanently? That’s sure what everybody made it sound like. If so, it’s a little odd how that storyline was over so fast. Can somebody shed any light on this?

Meanwhile, because we must have some kind of involvement with the Lockhart, Agos, & Lee folks, we had a couple scenes back in Chicago where Jackie and Howard discussed a prenup. That storyline didn’t do much expect reveal that Lee basically committed fraud, but then in the end everybody decided not to do a prenup anyway.

The bigger story here came from this new girl Monica reporting them to a labor review board. Seriously, this chick has caused this company a LOT of trouble. At least now she’s actively trying to help the situation, but it seems like all she’s done so far is complain about race issues and be generally unlikable in all her scenes. It’s a shame because I really do like Nikki James, but they are not serving her well here. Hopefully the focus can be taken off of her whininess soon, as we see Cary turning up the heat on his rivalry with Howard. I can’t wait to see how that turns out!

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Random Thoughts:

– I love how perfectly visible the Golden Gate Bridge was reflected in Jason’s windshield. There must be some kind of law somewhere for TV shows or movies that if a character is in San Francisco then the Golden Gate Bridge must be visible.

– Any Iowans watching tonight that were a bit offended by the jabs at the state tonight?

– Mo Rocca’s Ted is quickly turning into one of my favorite characters on this show. More of him, please!