Teen Wolf “The Last Chimera” Review (Season 5 Episode 11)

Previously on Teen Wolf:

– We learned that we were stuck with the Dread Doctors for more than half a season.

– Theo was too smug and the absolute worst.

– Liam nearly killed Scott.

– Kira once again disappeared for several episodes.

– Scott suffered a crisis of leadership, as his pack was no longer united behind him.

– In addition to the breakdown of his pack, Scott’s friendship with Stiles was on shaky ground thanks to Theo’s manipulations.

– Sheriff Stilinski was attacked and his prognosis was not good.

“The Last Chimera” picked up right where things left off, with the Sheriff in Beacon Hills Hospital, Stiles worried about losing his last remaining parent and Scott still reeling from Liam’s vicious attack. Speaking of parents, the writers finally remembered that Liam had a father who also worked at the hospital with Melissa. Liam’s father had a lot of pointed questions for Melissa in the premiere, which I hope means he will have more involvement on the show. It also would not hurt if the pack had another adult ally, particularly one at the hospital where everyone frequents.

Lydia was in the “care” of Dr. Valeck, who amplified her powers by putting a hole in her head. Through Lydia, we learned that Theo killed his sister’s heart – literally not figuratively – so that it could be used for a transplant to make a genetic chimera. According to Lydia, “it all starts with Theo.” Barf. Although it may all start with Theo, it is clear that Lydia and Parrish are very important to whatever the end game is for the Dread Doctors and Theo.

Mason helped Liam deal with the “loss” of Hayden. By the end of the episode, of course, it was clear Hayden was not dead. I’m still indifferent, at best, to Hayden, but I am curious about what happened to Liam and Mason after they were caught at the Nemeton with several dead bodies – thanks to Hayden.

After making amends, Scott and Stiles spent the bulk of the episode trying to find out how to save the Sheriff’s life. This involved tracking down the chimera who was responsible for attacking the Sheriff. I spent a great deal of the episode frustrated that Scott and Stiles were taking on so much alone, so it was a huge relief to see that Scott finally called Malia. I hope the writers will find a better way to balance the desert wolf storyline with the Dread Doctors plot so that we do not have characters inexplicably missing in action during urgent circumstances. The best surprise of the episode was learning that Malia was not the only reinforcement Scott called. When the lovely J.R. Bourne reappeared on my screen in full on Papa Argent mode with a big ol’ gun, I squealed with delight. Kinda like this . . .

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Although I continue to have my issues with the Dread Doctors, I still loathe Theo and could not care less about Hayden, I was pretty entertained by the mid-season premiere. It would not be an episode of Teen Wolf, however, if I did not have a question about some of the supernatural canon in the show. Here goes:

– So what exactly are the rules of the Nemeton? Based on the conversation between Mason and Liam, we know that the Nemeton has to want to be found, but you can apparently find it using your supernatural sight. Somehow, Liam finding the Nemeton also made it visible to Mason. Ummmm. Ok. And when the cops saw the Nemeton, was it that same logic that allowed them to see it, or was it because the Nemeton “wanted” to be found? I’m confused. I’m sure there’s an explanation for it all, but I’m not sure I buy it considering what we’ve seen since the magical tree stump was introduced.

– Unrelated to supernatural canon – where in fresh hell is Dr. Deaton?

Other Observations:

– I really hope this is the season when we finally get to see the full scope of Lydia’s power. Valeck suggested that she could crush a person’s head with her scream alone. I want to see that. I would love it if she’d use that on Theo or any of Theo’s chimera pack and yes, I’m including Hayden in that lot.

– I like Parrish as a hell hound. I’m not sure how I feel about some of those special effects.

– I have grown completely exhausted with other people using Lydia for their own purposes. I want her to have ALL the agency this season, which I know does not look likely considering how she spent her time in the mid-season premiere.

What did you think about the Teen Wolf mid-season premiere? What’s on your 5B wishlist? Sound off below!

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