‘Supergirl’ (Season 1): Ramifications

Blood Bonds

“Blood bonds us all.”

These words may be an ancient Proverb from the planet Krypton, but they hold just as much meaning to human beings.

Supergirl returned with an all-new episode of its debut season last night on CBS after being off for three weeks due to the holiday season, picking up right where the winter finale left us: Supergirl versus Non.

The bond that Supergirl and Non share by being Kryptonians – not to mention familial ties because he is married to her Aunt Astra after all – don’t help because they are at odds with each other, especially given the fact that the DEO is holding Astra prisoner. Due to that fact, during the raid on Lord Technologies, Non takes Hank Henshaw captive, using him as a bargaining chip (so to speak) in order to get his wife back.

As can be expected, though, the government has another idea. Or more to the point General Samuel Lane, who is (temporarily) put in charge of the DEO due to Henshaw’s kidnapping, has another idea. He doesn’t negotiate with terrorist (human or alien).

I have to admit that watching the scene of Lane using Kryptonite on Astra was a bit unsettling – to say the least – even though it wasn’t that long of a scene. What did you guys think of that scene, by the way?

Elsewhere, Kara had to deal with Cat being under the impression that she and Supergirl were one and the same. We, of course, know that is true, but it is definitely not Kara’s intention to have anyone else know her secret. After all, aren’t there enough people who already know in that universe?

Just when it seemed like she wasn’t going to be able to keep her job AND keep Cat in the dark, enter J’onn J’ozz (aka Hank Henshaw) – once he was traded for Astra, mind you. Since he is a shape-shifter (convenient, right?), he appears as Supergirl in Cat’s office, allowing Kara to appear as herself, being able to convince Cat that they are – indeed – two different people. We will have to see how much longer that rouse will last, as I have a feeling that something else will happen to make Cat question Supergirl’s identity eventually. What do you think? Will Cat really learn the truth about Kara/Supergirl or will she remain in the “dark”?

Oh, and how about Winn and James working together to attempt to figure out what is really going on in at Lord Technologies? I thought for sure he was finished when Maxwell Lord and his goon caught him, but for whatever reason Lord let him go after ruining his expensive camera. Needless to say, James was lucky to get out as unscathed as he did, but the real question is, what is Lord doing inside that advanced lab of his? Especially given the “Jane Doe” that he has locked away? I just wish I knew more about Supergirl lore to comprehend who this woman is? I’d love to hear what those in the know about the DC Comics world can share about who that girl will turn out to be.

‘Supergirl’ will be back with a new episode of its debut season on CBS in two weeks on Monday, January 18 at 8/7c.