Scorpion “White Out” Review (Season 2 Episode 13)

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On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” the team headed south- WAY south- to take care of some business in Antarctica which, as per usual, was not without some major problems, in the aptly-titled “White Out.” It all began with the Pentagon losing contact with a special unit in Darfur, just as they had come under attack from the local militia. The unit was able to get themselves to relative safety, but time was of the essence.

Since they couldn’t pin down their location, it was up to Team Scorpion to restore the com so that the Pentagon could send in a drone to help them get out of the area in which they were pinned down before morning came and they would no longer be able to hide anymore, making death all but imminent, as they were outnumbered and outgunned.

So, it was off to the South Pole, where the team was ushered into a small shed where they had to re-establish the connection ASAP. Unfortunately, it proved impossible to do so within the shed, necessitating a trip outside, where a storm was raging and death was a very real possibility in short order if they got separated and/or lost.

Wisely opting to run a cable from the shed to their destination, they try to plant the satellite in the post in the appropriate place, when it breaks, meaning they would have to find a way to plant it elsewhere. A new plan is put into action, but before they can get back to the shed to begin to implement it, an ice-block breaks above them and rains down, breaking the cable in the process.

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Unfortunately, in the ensuing melee, Happy does indeed get separated from the rest, and Toby makes it his mission to go off and find her, in spite of the danger of him getting lost as well. Sly, back at team HQ with Paige, calculates that she has maybe 40-odd minutes before she freezes to death, with Toby lagging only slightly behind. Though Toby is able to get a bead on her from her shouts for help, Happy falls into a crevasse and passes out shortly thereafter.

The rest of the team returns to the shed, where they prepare the needed materials and immediately head back out. Using boiling water, which apparently freezes quicker in colder temperatures, Walter is able to patch up the post and put the satellite communication back in place. They head back to the shed, where Walter fixes things on his end, with Sly finishing them off after, then immediately sending the coordinates of the special ops unit to the Pentagon, in hopes of saving them.

Thankfully, they are able to send out a drone to bomb their opponents and save the troop just in the nick of time as the sun is about to rise, thus leaving them completely exposed to attack. Meanwhile, Cooper doubles her efforts to get Team Scorpion the help they need, despite the snowstorm making such efforts tricky.

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Back at the South Pole, Toby finds an unconscious Happy and jumps down into the crevasse to try to warm her up and save her life. (“I know I called you cold and unfeeling, but this is ridiculous.” LOL.) Eventually, he realizes their best bet is to get naked and curl up together in a sleeping bag, using what body warmth he has left to prolong the inevitable. I’m guessing when Toby thought about getting naked with Happy, this is decidedly not what he had in mind.

Walter uses a machine of some kind- I believe it was an ultrasound, but don’t quote me on that one- to determine where Toby and Happy are by searching for any noises in the area. Remarkably, he is able to hear a heartbeat- but only one. (Once again, not so sure how possible this sort of thing is in reality, but an interesting idea nonetheless.) When he and Cabe finally get to their location, neither are moving, but Toby is still hanging in there enough to signal them.

Walter tosses down a heating pack to help warm them up, which works just enough to save both of their lives long enough to haul them up via a rope at Paige’s suggestion. (This felt a bit too obvious to me for either Walter or Cabe not to have thought of, but I guess the writers felt compelled to give Paige a moment to shine, as they usually do with each team member on every episode.) Rescue arrives just after, and everyone naturally makes it out alive and home safe.

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This was another solid episode, with lots of action, most of which made sense on the whole, given the particular scenario. The stuff on the fringes was also engaging and funny, notably Walter’s newfound fixation with social media and his discovery of the Kardashians (!) and especially his YouTube video of Ferret Bueller, which was adorable.

Also of note was Happy’s amusing fixation on the self-help book by Toby’s “nemesis” Quincy and the whole “chopportunity” thing. I liked the way she reconnected with a distant memory of her mother via that old, kinda terrible R.E.M. song “Shiny Happy People,” which paid off when her father paid her a visit and brought a video of him and her mother in happier days dancing to it and informing Happy that her mom used to sing the song to her as a kid, which is where the memory came from in the first place.

The button at the end, with Happy inviting Toby to share a spoon with her in a sleeping bag in a tent put together by Paige for an ad-hoc camping excursion on the HQ roof also brought to mind another dubious oldie from back in the day, which you can find here. I did like the old R&B song they played at the end, though I couldn’t say what it was and didn’t have enough to go on to find it online, so if anyone knows what that was, let me know.

Then, of course, there was the song Ralph played to the soldier Becker trying to calm him down, Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down,” which he found by doing a search for pop hits from a certain year, reasonably assuming it might be a song he was familiar with, which proved to be true. Not sure if he realized the irony of the song choice, but Becker certainly did, much to his bemusement. Points also to Ralph for the whole watch trick thing, which was a cool idea.

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All in all, it was a thrilling episode, with lots of pathos and character-building moments that I really appreciated. I liked how Cooper is proving to be much more supportive and in the team’s corner than previous handlers- that oddball threat she made to get the team rescued was pretty amusing, if hilariously softball, all things considered.

And, of course, always nice to see Toby and Happy edging ever-closer to making things official. That look of both love and amused disdain as she watched Toby haplessly playing with Ralph said it all, really. I am totally onboard with this fan ‘ship at this point and really hope it comes to pass, without issue this time. I feel like they have very much earned it by now, whereas the show could continue to take its time with the one between Paige and Walter and I would be fine with that.

As noted before by myself in previous reviews, the show came perilously close to soap opera territory when it had no less than three burgeoning relationships going on at the same time in the first season, so it’s a welcome development to see the show taking its time now and really making everything feel hard-won and more realistic, even if the show itself can be a bit ludicrous, particularly in terms of scientific accuracy.

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What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Are you also down with the Toby/Happy coupling? How about Walter and Paige? What did you think about the show’s musical selections this time out? Are they pushing it a bit with being equal opportunity with everyone’s contributions to whatever’s going on during a given mission, or is it fair to expect such things from the show? Sound off on this and more down below and I’ll see you next time!