The Librarians “And the Final Curtain” Review (Season 2, Episode 10) [Season Finale]

The Librarians

“Come with me if you want to live”.

Whoever expected to hear those famous words uttered in an episode of the fan favorite TNT series The Librarians, right?

Well, that is exactly what happened in last night’s season finale of the series that featured time travel, William Shakespeare and another well-known one-liner from a perennial series.

What was the other one-liner, you ask?

“Work together or die alone”.

Can you name the show that line is from? Or better yet which character from that series said those famous words?

If you said, “Lost” – good for you! And, if you said, “Jack” (aka lead star Matthew Fox), give yourself a gold star.

But, let’s get back to what happened in the second season finale of ‘The Librarians’, shall we?

The dilemma with Prospero was coming to a head with the fictional character attempting to change the past to make himself the most powerful wizard (or man) on the planet. And it was up to the Librarians to stop him. But in order to do that, Eve and Flynn had to travel back to 1611 to stop the madman.

Flynn’s well-thought-out plan, however, didn’t exactly go as plan because the time travel devise used to transport them back to the 17th Century exploded right after they made the leap in time. ARGH!!

It was quite comical to watch Eve and Flynn take down the two countrymen who thought they were foreign spies – especially Eve freaking out over the overwhelming odor from both men – and it was even more hysterical to see Flynn’s reaction at meeting Shakespeare and that God-awful English accent he tried to fake.

The overall story brought – hopefully – the Librarians battles with Prospero to a conclusion, thwarting the famous wizard; but that could become my own famous (last?) words…

Of course, it was hard to watch as the team realized that Flynn and Eve were trapped in 1611 even though Cassandra, Jenkins, Ezekiel and Jake were able to follow their well-placed clues on how to exorcise Prospero from within Shakespeare, returning the famed author to his own time.

But it was perhaps the final scene where Jenkins and the remaining Librarians figured out how to unlock the one room in the library that had never had a key. It turned out that Flynn came up with an elaborate plan to have Shakespeare write a story about him and Eve, which allowed them to be frozen as a statute. That statute was pre-arranged to be stored and eventually sent to the library with a special sign placed on the door that would eventually reveal the “hidden” location of the key, which was Eve’s name. And, even better, good on Flynn that he and Eve were frozen in a kiss for 400 years. Not a bad way to go given how much he cares about Eve, huh?

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TNT has renewed ‘The Librarians’ for a third season with the show expected to return sometime in 2016.