‘Doctor Who’ (Season 9): Merry Christmas

Doctor Who Xmas

Alex Kingston, otherwise known as the one and only River Song in the world of Doctor Who, made a return visit in what has become a tradition with the show: the much-anticipated Christmas episode.

This version was called “The Husbands of River Song’ that found the Doctor’s wife back in his life. The only problems were she didn’t recognize him and she was married to someone else. Okay that someone else was the head of an evil, homicidal ruler attached to a powerful giant robotic body with a diamond encased in his head, which was who – are more to the point what – River claimed she was really married to instead of the sadistic ruler/killer.

I have to admit that a good portion of this episode was less than what I had hoped for given how fun and entertaining most of the Christmas episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ have been over the years. There was the adventure with the Scrooged like miser and the flying shark and then there was the alien world with the living trees. Those were cool episodes. Even the time travel episode with Santa Claus was fun to watch.

But, I was less than pleased with this year’s Christmas episode until the last 15 or 20 minutes when River finally figured out that she was actually with the Doctor – I especially loved the twist of him saying “Hello, Sweetie” and “Spoilers” to here instead of the other way around – and the interesting time jump at that alien planet’s restaurant balcony where the Doctor had always promised to take her for a delicious meal.

As themes go, it was filled with an over the top story about River attempting to retrieve that diamond in the ruler’s head and attempting to sell it to whoever will pay the most amount of money. I can’t say that was a winning story for me, but it did lead to the aforementioned realization by River that the “surgeon” she was with was actually her Doctor.

Oh, and just as an aside: Did anyone notice that the very Christmas-like village where the Doctor landed seemed to greatly resemble the secret part of London where Clara lost her life? Or was that just me?

I do have to admit that there was one other moment that I liked in the episode. It was when River and her “real husband” (who really wasn’t her “real” husband) Ramone were talking about ‘the Damsel’ who she was hunting for, which turned out to be the Doctor in one of his other faces. The look on the Doctor’s face was priceless, especially when he got to the bottom and didn’t find his face among the pictures. It would seem that River knew nothing about his most recent regeneration until it was almost too late.

What did you fans think of the Christmas episode? Did you enjoy it or did you have mixed feelings about it like me? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

‘Doctor Who’ will return for a 10th season on BBC America sometime next year.